Pipeline Management 'Action Items Manager'

Pipeline Management 'Action Items Manager'

The Action Items Manager allows System Administrators, Pipeline/WebStorm Administrators and Moderators to manage assigned action items.


Getting Started:

  • To access the Action Items Manager click on the action items icon and select "View All"
    • You will then be directed to "My Action Items" in Pipeline Management:


  • Alternatively, if you access Pipeline Management or the Command Center directly, simply select the "Action Items" in the left side bar.   
    • Once you are in "My Action Items" list, select "Action Items Manager" link in the top right corner:


  • If you are a System Administrator, you will be able to view all assigned action items in your Brightidea site.
  • If you are a WebStorm administrator you will only be able to see action items for WebStorms you are the administrator for. 
  • If you are a Moderator, you will also only be able to see action items for Pipeline/WebStorms in which you are set a moderator for.


  • The tabs on top make it easy for administrators to view action items based on if they are open, completed, cancelled, or all:


  • Administrators can also use the search bar to quickly find any action item:


  • Administrators can also quickly sort and filter the action item list using the built-in filter on each column in the list:


  • With the "Actions" button, administrators have the ability to cancel, delete, or re-open any selected action item from the list:


    • What is the difference between canceling and deleting an action item?
      • Canceling any action item, leaves the action item intact but marks it as 'canceled'.
      • Deleting an action item will completely remove the evaluation data associated with that action item from your Brightidea site.
        • Please note, deleting is not reversible!
  • To perform any of these actions, check the idea you want to perform the action for and select the appropriate action from the drop down menu:


    • Make sure to confirm that is the appropriate action:


    • After selecting you will see a popup confirmation:


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  • Avatar

    Scenario - pipeline has 5 steps

    1. a review step where one or two questions are answered in additional info
    2. a development step where idea is developed
    3. a scorecard step where it's evaluated
    4. a final development step - where questions are answered based on scorecard
    5. a final step where everything is reviewed by sponsor who decided if something happens or not

    so my question is this:

    When re-opening an action item does the idea move to the step that action item was assigned or does it stay in the step that it is in when re-opened

  • Avatar

    Also - how does the person that re-opened the Action Item know when it's completed??

  • Avatar

    Hey Damian,

    Great questions!

    For the first one, when re-opening action items, the idea will not be affected in any way, it will stay where it is. The only thing that will happen is allow the action item assignee to update their evaluation once more.

    Unfortunately, there are no notifications for completed action items, so the person re-opening will need to manually check.

    Let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar

    Thanks Ron. So the other option is to drag/move the idea back to the step - but by doing that it re-enters a workflow is a workflow exists for completed action items .. is that right?

  • Avatar

    Does the system send automatic reminders on action items? X days before due and/or when they become overdue?

  • Avatar

    Hi Michelle,

    Brightidea does not send any type of automated reminders at this time for action items.


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