Understanding 'Moderator' Permissions

System and Site Administrators have the ability to delegate idea management responsibilities to "Moderators" with limited administrative abilities in Brightidea. We hope that allowing lighter privileges will open up further opportunities to scale your innovation team, and launch more Initiatives easily!

The Moderator has the ability to manage an existing idea evaluation process without the ability to access Enterprise, Site or Pipeline setup areas.



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Getting Started

  • For administrators the Moderator user role can be configured in either Initiative/Site setup under Setup > Users > Administrators or the Apps Setup Wizard.




  • Moderators can also be configured in the Roles tab in the Setup menu for any Pipeline.

Global Administrative Features

  • Through global navigation Moderators will only be able to access Pipelines that they are assigned as Moderator. 
    • The Moderator will be unable to access the Command Center, People, Apps, Innovations, Analytics, Setup or Knowledge Base areas.

Dynamic Navigation

  • System Admins can configure dynamic navigation in Enterprise/Site Setup.
    • Moderators will not be able to view navigation items set to "Admin
    • Moderators will only be able to view tabs set to "Moderator" or "All"
  • By design this role will not be able to access Enterprise Setup or Site Setup area.

What actions can the 'Moderator' role do?

View Idea Page

  • For Ideas the Moderator can:
    • Edit all idea attributes (title, status, category, etc.)
    • View hidden ideas
    • View and submit all types of comments (Private, Submitter Q&A, Admin)
    • View and create admin tags

Pipeline Management

  • Within Pipeline the Moderator role can:
    • Configure and Change Steps
    • Assign Action Items
    • Copy, link and move ideas between Pipelines that they have 'Moderator' access to.
    • Access the “Manage Step” area for all step tool types.
    • Export Reports from Steps and Idea List View.
  • Within the Action Items Manager the Moderator can:
    • View, delete, cancel, and reopen action items for Pipelines which they have Moderator access to.
  • Moderators will not be able to:
    • Access other Pipelines
    • Create or delete Pipelines (including using Apps)
    • Access Pipeline setup
    • Change Pipeline to one that they do not have moderator access to (on idea)
    • Create, delete, or move Steps
    • Create, delete, move, or update Stages
    • Delete Ideas
    • Change Idea Submitter/Team Members


  • The Moderator will be able to access Dashboards in the Pipelines they have access to.
    • The Moderator will not be able to access any of the Enterprise Dashboards, Command Center Dashboards, or the Business Results Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • This role will also not be able to Enable Widget Setup Mode, Enable Label Edit Mode, or View as Ordinary User on any Enterprise or Site pages. 
  • If you are on Brightidea's Admin-based licensing, each user who is configured as moderator on your Brightidea site will count as an admin license towards your Brightidea subscription. 



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  • Avatar
    Kuhan Milroy
    First, thank you for delivering this feature. Awesome feature. Can the moderator change statuses on the idea view 1.0? Can the moderator change statuses on the old idea list?
  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Kuhan,

    This new functionality is only built for the new features described above.

    I did a quick test and looks like the 'moderator' can indeed change status on the old feature set.

    However, they can't do much of the other functionality described here, like even toggle idea visibility on View Idea 1.0.

    Let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.


    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Kuhan Milroy
    Thanks Ron.
  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user
    HI there, thanks for the new "moderator" role. How is it about giving the moderator the rights to post blogs? It is not possible yet, but I think it would be a reasonable round-off for this role.
  • Avatar
    Damian Dugdale

    Can the moderator see Additional Info tab?

  • Avatar
    Tom Hill

    I also have this question - can they see and edit the Additional Info tab on ideas?

  • Avatar
    Roc Chen (Colleaga)

    I'm wondering how many moderators we can have for one challenge if there's a limit? Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Hi All,

    Currently, the moderator role is not designed to be able to post blogs.

    Moderators can see the Additional Info tab and complete/update the fields.

    In terms of the number of moderators that can be set, please check with your Brightidea Account Manager regarding admin licenses.


  • Avatar
    Jasmine Albright

    According to the chart above, Moderators are able to add Admin Comments on ideas, but I dont think that is the case, can you clarify and/or update the chart? :)