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Brightidea upgraded licensing management to improve the user experience for tracking and managing licenses in your affiliate. There are two license types that are available: Brightidea Administrator Licenses and Idea Box Manager Licenses.

Please Note: The below information will not apply to accounts that have not enabled the upgraded licensing functionality. If you do not have the upgraded licensing functionality, you will see an "Administrators" tab under your People Pillar rather than a "Licenses" tab. If you are interested in upgrading your affiliate, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

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Brightidea Administrator Licenses vs Idea Box Manager Licenses

For affiliates that have been upgraded to the upgraded licensing functionality, view your license data by navigating to the Command Center > People Pillar > Licenses tab.


Whichever license type your affiliate has enabled will display on the License page. Each of these management options is detailed below:

Brightidea Administrator Licenses

The first option is our basic licensing model which counts towards Affiliate Sponsor, System Administrator, Community Administrator, Pipeline Administrators and Pipeline Moderators. The manager will provide the exact numbers of licenses that have been purchased, allocated and are available.


The “Purchased” count is determined based on your Brightidea contract. The “In Use” count is the current number of Users that have been granted a Brightidea Administrator license in your affiliate. The “Available” count is the remaining number of licenses you can grant to Users.

In some cases, Brightidea may grant "Overage" licenses. An additional number for "Allocated" will also display which is the total number of "Purchased" + "Overage".

Each License that is in use will list the User and the "Licensed Role(s)" to which the user has been assigned. Clicking into the highlighted Role of each User will bring up a pop-up of the User and provide a list of all licensed roles to which they have been assigned. Clicking into each area will direct Users to the role configuration area. 


In order to remove a license from a user, remove the user from all licensed roles in order for the license to be available for a new User.

Idea Box Manager Licenses

If your affiliate is set up to use Idea Box, you may see Idea Box Manager Licenses on your Licenses page


Similarly to Brightidea Administrator Licenses, this page shows how many Idea Box Managers your affiliate has "Purchased", the number of licenses "In Use" and the number of licenses that are "Available".

If your affiliate is only configured as an Idea Box, you may notice a toggle for IT System Admin next to each User and their Role. This toggle allows each affiliate to specify a User as being an IT System Admin (which provides access to technical configuration settings, e.g. security, domain, etc.).

Clicking into each of the highlighted Roles will provide Users the ability to navigate to the relevant area page and configure role assignment as needed. More details on this can be found in the next section.


Whiteboard Licenses

If your affiliate is set up to use Whiteboard licenses, you may see this license type on your page.  

Group 5 (2).png

Similarly to Brightidea Administrator Licenses, this page shows how many Whiteboard licenses your group "Purchased", the number of licenses "In Use" and the number of licenses that are "Available". From this screen, you can review which ones are in use, and how frequent their utilization has been. 

In addition, there is a list that showcases how many admins will automatically receive unlimited whiteboard creation. 


Pipeline Setup

A licensed User viewing the Pipeline Setup > Roles page will have the ability to clearly identify which Users are licensed.

There are four Roles available within Pipeline Setup to choose from, but two of the Roles are Licensed Roles. These Roles are Pipeline Admin/Manager and Pipeline Moderator. Users will see a small ribbon next to these two Admin Roles indicating that these Roles will count towards their license amount.


Note: When a User is assigned to a licensed Role from Pipeline Setup, an email will be sent to the assigned User informing them of their new permissions. This email template is configurable and can be found in Pipeline Setup > Communication Emails.

If a User has already been assigned a licensed Role in one Pipeline, and assigned another Role in a different pipeline, this will only count as 1 license and will not subtract from the license count.


When a User is assigned a Licensed Role, their User icon will turn blue or purple, depending on the license they are the assigned. If an Admin is assigned Blue, they have been given a Brightidea Administrator License.


If an Admin is assigned Purple, they have been given an Idea Box Manager License.


As Users are assigned to each of the Roles and granted Licenses, the right-hand Message will count-down the number of licenses that are available.


As of the Summer 2021 Release, the Idea Box Manager role can also be managed from Pipeline Setup for the main sub-pipeline. Idea Box Managers can be added and removed from this field. This field will only be visible to System Managers, IT System Managers, and other Idea Box Managers.



Please Note: When a User is first assigned a Role, the most relevant license type will be applied. For example, if a User is assigned as a Pipeline Manager for an Idea Box, the Idea Box Manager license will be applied. If a User is already assigned as an Idea Box Manager, and they are additionally assigned as a Moderator for a non-Idea Box Pipeline, then that User's license will be upgraded from Idea Box Manager license to Brightidea Administrator license.


Once an affiliate has reached their limit on licenses, they will see a message informing them they will need to purchase more licenses. If you wish for the "Get More Licenses" email to go to an email address other than Brightidea Customer Success team, please contact your Customer Success Manager and provide an alternative email address. 


Additionally, Users can be created "on the fly" by simply adding their email address into the input field and clicking the "Create new user" action that appears. This new User will receive an email informing them that an account has been created for them with a link to register.



Exportable Reports

The option of tracking granted and removed Licenses is available under Enterprise Setup > Exports > License History tab. This report includes the timestamp, user info, and more for you to have full transparency on License management.



Additionally, Role changes can also be tracked with our Roles Assignment History Report. This report can be found at the Enterprise Setup > Exports > Users > Roles Assignment History option.


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    Francois Rodigari

    Is it possible to obtain a temporary additional administrator license to facilitate a transition? I am retiring at the end of the week and would like to add an administrator before I go. That administrator will then deactivate my account.