Core Tools

The Brightidea Whiteboard contains several Tool components to allow you and your teams to collaborate and brainstorm. The following article details the available tools and their organization within the Whiteboard screen.


Main Tool Bars

The tools within your Whiteboards can be accessed through one of the Tool Bars within the interface. These tools allow users to interact with the Whiteboard workspace, collaborate with one another, and personalize their contributions in a shared space. The following details the Tool Bars and the tools contained in each.

Left Tool Bar 

The left toolbar contains the primary objects  that you can place within your board. It is available at all times within the Whiteboard, hovering in the middle side of your space. The tools contained in this main Tool Bar are Select/Move, Stickies, Shapes, Text Box, Stamps, Marker, and Images. Each of these elements are described in further detail later in this article.



Right Tool Bar 

The right tool bar is appears once you have clicked on an object that is editable within your Whiteboard space. Within this tool bar you will be able to customize and edit the selected object. You will be able to: 

  • Adjust location on the board 
  • Adjust height, width, radius
  • Adjust fill 
  • Adjust border 



Top Tool Bar 

The top tool bar houses: 

  • The title of your Whiteboard, which can be renamed by double clicking on the text 
  • Menu option with the ability to generate a New Whiteboard, Rename the existing board, Share, Save a Copy, and Preferences to Display Toolbars, Display Sticky authors. The menu includes a list of Keyboard Shortcuts and a link to help articles.


  • Profile images of those who currently have the board open
  • Ability to call a huddle to bring all other users to the position of your mouse on the board 
  • A Share icon, you can find details on sharing Whiteboards here



Right Click Editing

Within the board, you can right click on any object to Send to Back, Front, Group Selection, and Lock functionality.  




Located in the main left toolbar, you can click on the stickies icon and drag and drop any sticky onto your board. Once placed on your space, you can add text and resize the note by adjusting any of the corners and/or sides. 

Once an individual note is selected, a user can the sticky via the left toolbar, as detailed above. 



Select the shape icon from the left tool bar and drag the shape onto the board. Once placed, you can edit the shape within the right toolbar, as detailed above. The Shapes tool allows users to place Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Star, or Line shapes on your Whiteboard.



Text Box 

You can select the "T" icon to bring text onto your board. The text box is defaulted to a 150 x150 pixel square, but can be re-sized by dragging any corner or side panel, or you can edit within the right toolbar.

When customizing the text object, the right toolbar will also be populated with additional editing capabilities including font styling, font family selection, and font positioning. 




The Marker tool allows users draw or write on the Whiteboard. A user can auto select a color initially when choosing the Marker tool. Once a line is drawn, it can be selected and the colors can be adjusted within the right tool bar, and the object can be globally resized and moved. 




The Reactions tool allows users to add an icon to the Whiteboard workspace. Users can choose from a variety of reaction images and emojis. Once selected users can drag the Reaction icon onto your whiteboard space. As with all other tools, once selected on the Whiteboard the Reactions can be edited with the right tool bar.









The Image tool allows a user to upload an image from their desktop or use Brightidea's Unsplash integration to find a photo that maps to their desired theme/topic by searching a keyword. 


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