Embedded Video Player for Video Attachments

Video file attachments for submissions can now be displayed in embedded video players. This can be enabled for Initiatives in Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas >  View Video Attachments in Description Tab.


Once enabled, video file attachments to submissions will automatically be viewable in an embedded video player, which appears above the description. This video player is visible from all submission views, including View Idea 2.0, Step Manage pages, and action item views.


Multiple video attachments will appear stacked above each other, in reverse order of attachments (most recent attachment will appear at the top).


Supported video formats include .mp4, .mov, .mpg, .wmv, and .avi. Please note: By default, embedded videos will appear at a maximum of width of 500px. Also note that attached video files may require processing before appearing in the player, depending on the video file size.

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