Sending Ideas to a Whiteboard

Brightidea makes it easy for you to collaborate across all its tools, especially when brainstorming and re-working previous ideas. Now, you can send ideas directly to a new or existing Whiteboard in addition to sending stickies to your idea management platform. Letting you move ideas back and forth at all stages of maturity.

Selecting ideas 

Once in an initiative, navigate to step, list or Top Ideas to send your concepts to a Whiteboard. Once you have selected the items, right click or navigate to the "Actions" button, then select "Send to Whiteboard..." or "Send to Smart Matrix..."


Choosing the organization of the stickies 

Once an action is selected, you will be prompted to choose how your selected ideas should be arranged when they become stickies.
Here, you can select choose to create a new Whiteboard, and name it or search for one of your existing Whiteboards where you can move your ideas/soon-to-be stickies into.

You can also choose to use a clustered or swimlane layout to organize your new stickers on your Whiteboard.


Once you choose the layout and location of your Whiteboard you will get a confirmation that the ideas have been copied onto the board. The confirmation also includes a quick access link to the Whiteboard. 

Accessing newly moved ideas on your Whiteboard 

Once on the Whiteboard, you will see all the associated ideas/stickies. These ideas/stickies can now be moved around the board, interacted with, etc. 

The stickies do have the ideas linked, so you can see more details about the idea when the idea ID is clicked on. 


If you chose to send it to a Smart Matrix, you will see a Smart Matrix populated with the ideas listed above. Once the ideas are organized within the matrix, return to Top Ideas to see the sort option listed. 



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