View Idea 3.0

View Idea 3.0 is the latest version of Brightidea's Idea View. It comes packed full of goodies such as different templates, new widgets (such as inline action items), responsiveness for mobile viewing and appears within a modal in various parts of the application. This is auto enabled for our Hackathon, Gig, and Idea Box apps, and in beta for remaining solutions. 

Key information covered includes: 





View Idea 3 can be toggled in two places

  1. For an initiative (Site Setup > Beta tab)
  2. In action items and manage pages (System, Setup > Beta tab)



When Enabled on the initiative level, the new Idea view appears in the following places:

  • View Idea page
  • Idea boards (as a modal)
    • Note that you can scroll through ideas using the next previous buttons directly from the page.
  • Top Ideas (as a modal)
  • Steps View (as a modal)
  • List View (as a modal)

When Enabled on the enterprise level, the new Idea view appears in the following places:

  • Action Items
  • Manage Pages




View Idea 3.0 can be configure from a few different areas

  1. Page template
  2. Widgets
  3. Site Setup


View Idea 3.0 has three different templates to support the types of ideas you're collecting

  1. Small (no cover image) - supports ideas without images
  2. Medium (small cover image) - supports use cases like category images
  3. Large (large cover image) - supports ideas that have images

To update your initiatives template, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner and select "Template Selection"



All templates share the left and right columns (which are widget editable). You can swap between templates and your widgets will be unchanged.



The columns below the header hold various widgets to support your innovation uses cases.

When widget setup mode is enabled, you will see the page change from static to "edit" mode.



Hovering over a widget allows you to move, configure or remove the widget.

  • Ordering - drag and drop the the widget to your desired location
  • Add / Remove - Available widgets will appear in the panel on the left side of the page. When widgets removed from the page, they will appear back in the available widgets panel.
  • Title - Update the widgets title in the "Title"input
    • Title Display - Hide the title altogether by unchecking the title checkbox

Note that while widget editing is ON, inline editing and other actions on the page may be disabled for the person editing the page.


A new feature of view idea 3 is that widgets can be dragged above, in, or below the "ideas" tab. This will make the comments available in all areas of the View Idea screen.



Site Setup

Design Tab

The page will adhere to the colors and CSS set in design tab. It is not recommended to make any customization or changes to CSS code on View Idea 3.0 pages as it can impact the functionality at this time.

Label Editing

There are various labels on the page that can be label editable. They are noted in their respective sections below. Label editing can be found in Site Setup > Site tab > Labels

  • Voting jargon
  • Ideas Tab
  • Development Tab


View Idea 3.0 Makeup

Title (Header)

The title appears in all headers. If you have the proper permissions, the title can be edited and allows 100 characters (same as submission form).


Idea/Cover Image (Header)

If medium or large templates are selected, the idea image will appear in the header. Clicking an image will toggle the attachments viewer.

Medium Header Template:


Large Heder Template:


Idea/cover images can be updated inline(by hovering on the idea image), in the attachments area, or within the image viewer overlay.

Take your idea's "cover image" to the next level by using AI to generate unique and specific images, or search the Unsplash database, which has millions of high quality photos.

Details on AI can be found here


Deleting the cover image in the attachments widget will remove the cover image from the idea and revert back to the initiative default.


Voting (Header)

New voting features in view idea 3.0:

  • View Votes Modal - Next to the voting buttons, users who voted on the idea will appear in a votes modal. (previous votes were seen in a separate "votes" tab.)
    • Option to toggle votes is found in Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas
    • mceclip8.png
  • Single promote button - When enabled, an all encompassing icon/label/vote score button replaces the old voting button.
    • Option is found as a sub option to View Idea 3.0 in Site Setup > Beta tabScreen_Shot_2022-03-14_at_12.10.15_PM.png

You can learn more about Voting here.


Chips Voting

When Chips voting is enabled, a Chips button appears on the idea. 

  • View who invested in the idea
  • Add, edit, remove chips
  • View your chip allocation to other ideas and update them in bulk

Text for chips is label editable via label edit tab in Site Setup.


Learn more about Chips voting.


Submitter/Team (Header)

Displays the submitter or submission team. Will appear as anonymous if anonymous setting is enabled. 


Additionally, there's a team widget that can be added to the columns that lists the team in a stacked interface.



Merged Ideas (Header)

If an idea has been merged with other ideas, the merged group of ideas will appear as tabs. Note that some features on children idea are disabled. 


Learn more about Merging Ideas here.


Visibility (Header)

If an idea is hidden, a hidden indicator will appear at the top of the idea. Only admins and the submitter can view a hidden idea.

An idea can be toggled visible or hidden (admin only) from the indicator as well as the actions dropdown. 



Action Buttons



When enabled, Subscribe button/toggle will appear in the top right corner of the idea. When subscribed, users will receive notifications on various idea activity. 

  • Button is toggled based on setup option "Category and Idea Subscription" (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)
  • Admins can manually subscribe users if setup option "Enable admin ability to subscribe other users" is toggled (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)


A user subscribed to an idea will receive notifications on various activities that happen within the idea (such as comments, status change, etc.)


Add to Favorites

When enabled, a favorite button/toggle will appear in the top right corner of the idea. When you add an idea to your favorites, it appears in various filters such as Idea Boards and User Home

  • Button is enabled in setup "My Favorites" (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)


Actions Dropdown

The actions dropdown, located in the top right corner of the idea, holds various actions a user can take on the idea)

  • Copy Link - Copies the ideas URL to your clipboard.
  • Print - Triggers a new window of a print friendly view of the idea.
  • Report Abuse - All users can report an idea to admins. The report is an email sent to admins. 
    • Text in the Report Abuse modal is label editable
  • Hide/Show Idea (Admin only) - Allows an idea to be hidden or visible to the basic user base that have access to the initiative. 
  • Delete (Admin Only) - Deletes the idea permanently.



Displays the description of the idea. Images added to the description will be added as attachments in the attachments widget.




Displays attachments of the idea. Clicking an attachment will trigger the file viewer.

As a submitter or admin, you can add/remove attachments. Should the user add a video, the video will auto-embed within the main, description area for in-view play. 



You can additionally, swap the idea/cover image with a new image. 


Private attachments are noted with the private icon. Private images cannot be added as a cover image.


Additional Questions

The additional questions are all housed in one widget and are ordered based of the order seen in the submission form. Additional questions are editable by submitters and admins and support the following types:

  • Long Question
  • Short Question
  • Radio
  • Multi-select (checkbox)
  • Dropdown
  • User-select (single or multiple)
  • Date
  • Number

Other notes:

  • If a field is "Admin Only", only admins can edit. 
  • Will respect "required" settings
  • Will respect dependent questions (Site Setup > Ideas > Idea > "Dependent Form Questions")

Development Fields

Development fields will display in the associated order with Additional questions (as configured in the submission form). The visibility of the fields will depend on the permissions settings for the associated field (also set in the submission form).


New to View Idea 3

  • Development Fields in a separate tab - Fields can be displayed in a separate tab by toggling the option "Development tab" (Site Setup > Beta)
    • Tab text is label editable
  • Option to allow edit - Fields can be editable straight from View idea 3.0 by toggling the option "Editable development fields" (Site Setup > Beta). All Admins roles will always have edit capabilities.

Action Items

A new feature to view idea 3.0 is the action items Widget. The widget is visible depending on if you have evaluations for the idea. The widget supports the following action items

  • Review (inline)
  • Single Scale (inline)
  • Scorecard (inline)
  • Development (deep links evaluator to the action item)
  • Find Owner (deep links evaluator to the action item)
  • Judging (deep links evaluator to the action item)

If an evaluator is assigned to a step that allows idea editing in the step settings, the evaluator will be able to edit the idea directly from the page.


Submitted Date

Displays the submitted date of the idea. Date formatting is configure in Site Setup > Site > General Settings. You can find more detail on Date Formatting here.




Displays the owner of the idea.

  • End users will not see the widget if the owner is unassigned




Displays the status of the idea.

  • If a description is configured for statuses (Site Setup > ideas Tab > Setup), it will display as a hover tooltip.
  • If "idea submitter can change status" is enabled, the submitters and team members can update the status of the idea.




Displays the category of the idea.

  • Widget is visible based on if categories are enabled (Site Setup > Ideas Tab > Categories).
  • If there's only one category configured, widget will not display



If category subscription is enabled (Site setup > ideas tab), user can hover over a category and subscribe to that specific category. Being subscribed to a category will send notifications on any activity within that specific category (new idea, etc.)


Tags / Admin tags

Displays tags and admin tags associated with the idea




  • Vote Score - The total score of an idea (promotes minus demotes). Also takes into account multiplying factor
    • Will not display if votes are off and voting had never taken place (all ideas have 0 votes).
    • Will not display if Chips voting is enabled
  • Votes - total number of votes given to an idea (promotes and demotes)
    • Will not display if votes are off and voting had never taken place (all ideas have 0 votes)
    • Will not display if Chips voting is enabled
  • Chips - total number of chips given to an idea
    • Will not display if Simple voting is enabled
    • Will not display if votes are off and all ideas have 0 chips
  • Comments - Number of comments (the user viewing the idea) can see. Count will change based on comment permission and user permissions.
  • Favorites - Number of times an idea has been added as a favorite
    • Will display if "My favorites" is enabled (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)
  • Unique Viewer - Total number of unique views an idea has received.
    • Will display if "Show view count" is enabled (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)
    • Allow users to see all the unique viewers (in a modal) by enabling option "Display idea viewers" (Site Setup > Beta Tab)
  • Total Views - Total number of views an idea has received. 
    • Will display if "Show view count" is enabled (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)




The progress widget displays the current stage or steps.

  • Stage - Displays the stage the current idea is in, including a progression visual

  • Step - Displays the current step the idea is in.



These sections will appear based on options "Pipeline Stage in Idea Details Widget" and/or "Pipeline Step in Idea Details Widget" are enabled in Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas settings. It can also be configured in widget setup.




Linked Ideas

Displays ideas that are linked together.

  • Only admins can add/remove linked ideas.
  • Ideas cannot be linked across initiatives. 


Linked Whiteboard

Displays a dedicated Whiteboard that is linked to the idea.

  • Once added, the Whiteboard's thumbnail, title, and last edited time are displayed. Users who do not have permission to access the Whiteboard will not be able to see the thumbnail.
  • A Whiteboard can only be added/removed by the idea submitter, idea owner, team member, or admin.
  • Note: this widget requires View Idea 3.0 to be enabled in Site Setup and Whiteboard must be enabled at the System level (Whiteboard is on by default unless explicitly disabled).



For more information on enabling the Jira widget, reference our Jira Cloud Instance KBA



The Comments widget will display at the bottom of the View Idea page by default. It can be moved by dragging and dropping. 


Read more on Commenting in general here.

Find Teammates

This is highly relevant for our Hackathon customers. This allows users to search for participants within the registered Hackathon. More information here


This is highly relevant for our Hackathon or Gig customers. And allows expertise needed for the project or gig to be surfaced on the idea. 



For additional information on the Apply, team building capabilities, click here.


GitHub Link

Ability to add a URL based field to capture GitHub links. This is specifically useful for our Hackathon app



There are various tabs in the left column that are hidden/visible based on the tabs user permissions and initiatives settings.

New to View Idea 3, widgets can be placed above and below these tabs.




Ideas Tab

  • Ideas tab is always visible and allows widgets to be dropped inside the tab. 
    • Widgets can also be placed above and below the tabs
  • Tab text/label pull from the submission name (Site Setup > Ideas tab > Ideas)

Development Tab

The development tab (if enabled) displays Development Fields in a separate tab


  • Tab is toggled as a sub option to View idea 3.0 option 
  • If development fields exist and the option is enabled, users can see the fields in a separate tab
    • Field visibility is based on settings in the submission form.mceclip18.png
    • If a user cannot see any of the fields, the development tab will not display for them
  • Tab text/label is label editable (Site Setup > Site > Labels)
  • Can add an attachment field within the Development questions as well. 

History Tab

History tab displays a timeline of events and actions taken on the idea.

History tab permissions are extended based on the settings set in Site Setup > Ideas > History

You can learn more about the History Tab here.



The evaluations tab displays step action item results. Results and visibility are dependent on the step configuration. Nothing has changed here between 2.0 and 3.0



Business Impact

The Business Impact tab is an area to track projections and outcomes. The same data is also found in the associated Team Workspace of an idea.

When enabled (Site Setup > Beta Tab > "Business impact tab"), the tab is seen by admins, moderators and analyst. The tab can also be extended to submitters through the option "Submitter access to Business Impact Tab" (Site Setup > Ideas Tab > Ideas)



2.0 > 3.0 Known Gaps

The following are known gaps between View Idea 2 and 3. As we continue to build out 3.0, it is recommended to use 2.0 if any of the following are needed for your use case.


  1. Status Change Reason
  2. Word limit for description and long answer fields (no character counter)
  3. Tag subscription

Alternatives Now Recommended 

  1. Additional Info Tab
    1. Recommend using admin fields or development fields (in the submission form)
  2. Edit Merged (Parent / Child) Ideas
    1. Use List View instead
  3. Extra Question Settings
    • Allow all users to see extra questions (Only works with Post Idea 1.0/View Idea 2.0)
    • Hide extra questions from the submitter (Only works with Post Idea 1.0/View Idea 2.0)
  4. Private Attachments
    1. Utilize development fields if uploading during evaluation



It is highly recommended to not manipulate this page with customizations or custom CSS code.

If you do add any customizations, there are areas of the product where those customizations will not propagate such as.

  • Steps View (modal)
  • List View (modal)
  • Whiteboard (modal)


We hope you find this article helpful! We're always looking to make our product better so we'd love your feedback! Please submit feature enhancement requests to our Idea Space portal

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