Venture (Invest in Startups)


Need a better way to determine who to invest in? With our Venture app, you can leverage the crowd to find great venture opportunities, and track the opportunities you choose to fund.

Read below to learn more about this process and how to progress through the pipeline.



Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • To quickly recap on how to create your Venture App, navigate to your apps screen, and select the Venture app:


  • Once there, select "Set Up a Venture Process"
  • Fill out your title, description, audience to complete the wizard.

Site Home Page

  • Once you create your new Venture event, you will be brought to your Venture site home page.
  • Here, you can update the site hero imagechange your submission form, and more!
    • For more suggested edits, refer to our Venture App - Launch Playbook here.

Pipeline Steps View

  • After successfully creating your Venture app, you will see that it comes with preconfigured stages and steps.  
  • To navigate there, select Admin > Manage Pipeline
    • For a quick recap on the overall Venture process, refer to this process overview here.
  • The Venture backend pipeline configuration consists of the following:
    • Sourcing
      • Collect Opportunities
    • Evaluation
      • Screen Opportunities
      • Conduct First Meeting
      • Conduct Follow-up Meeting
      • Present at Partner Meeting
    • Term Sheet
      • Conduct Final Due Diligence
      • Negotiate Terms
      • Conduct Legal Due Diligence
    • Investment Management
      • Monitor and Support
    • Exits
      • Record Results



  • Collect Opportunities
    • Any Ventures that are submitted or imported, will show up in this initial step.
      • This step comes pre-configured as a "Review" tool type
    • The assigned evaluators will receive an action item and be able to review the opportunity.



  • Screen Opportunities
    • After submission, venture opportunities are moved into the "Screen Opportunities" step
      • In this step, a quick ‘Review’ action item is assigned to ensure the Venture Team meets all prerequisites to proceed. 
  • Conduct First Meeting
    • Qualified ventures are then moved into the "Conduct First Meeting" step
    • The Venture Team with the Venture Manager (and any individuals from their team) conduct their first initial meeting.
    • The Venture Manager and team complete their 'Scorecard' action items to proceed to the next step.
  • Conduct Follow-up Meeting
    • After, Ventures can be routed into the "Conduct Follow-up Meeting" step.
      • The Venture Team with the Venture Manager (and any individuals from their team) conduct a follow-up meeting.  
      • There is no tool type pre-configured to this step
  • Persent at Partner Meeting 
    • The Venture Team with the Venture Manager (and any individuals from their team) present at a Partner meeting.  

Term Sheet

  • Conduct Final Due Diligence
    • The Venture Manager reviews the Venture, ensuring all company information (including financials, etc.) are checked and verified. 
  • Negotiate Terms
    • Ventures in this step, are in current negotiations for new terms for funding. 
  • Conduct Legal Diligence
    • In this step, the Venture Manager reviews the Venture with all contract legalities. 

Investment Management

  • Monitor and Support
    • After the Term Sheet stage is complete, the submitted opportunities go into the 'Monitor and Support' step.
      • Ventures in this step, are currently being monitored, and supported where necessary. 


  • Record Results
    • Ventures in this step, are tracking their business impact (projected and actual). 

Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!

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