Using Third-Party Documents

Integrating Third-Party Document Options for Memo

  • The availability of third-party editors (currently Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive) is managed from System Settings > Ideas > Memo. These options are disabled by default. When enabled, these editors will be visible for users to create and edit memos.
  • The Google Docs and OneDrive integrations are handled on a per-user basis. Each individual user will be required to authenticate to leverage these editors. There are two ways to authenticate: through their User Profile > Settings page, or during memo creation.

Integration on Profile Settings Page 

  • Users can navigate to their User Profile > Settings 
  • At the bottom of the page they will see the option to integrate with Google Docs or OneDrive
  • Once they click "Connect," the user will be sent to the third-party to login page to verify their identification 
  • Once authentication is complete, the user will be redirected back to the settings page, and see a notification confirming that they have successfully been connected

third party docs 1.png

Integration during Document Creation 

  • If a user selects to create an memo with a third-party editor but have not yet authenticated, they will be directed to authenticate before being taken to the memo in the third-party editor

Creating or Linking Third-Party documents

  • Once third-party integrations have been enabled, users can create or link documents from Memo Team Site, Userhome, or from the Record View.
  • Further information related to creating a memo is here: Creating a Memo document.

Requesting and Completing Reviews

  • The best way to request or complete reviews for third-party documents is with our Browser Extension.
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