Resend Action Items (BETA)

The work will allow administrators the ability to trigger new action items to be sent when submissions return to previous Pipeline Steps.

This functionality can be enabled for your system in System Setup > Beta, under the option "Resend Action Items - Single Scale, Scorecard, and Development Steps." Please note that this functionality is only available for Single Scale, Scorecard, and Development type Steps. Additional Step types will be supported in future releases.


Enabling Resend Action Items for Steps

Once the "Resend Action Items" option is enabled, a new checkbox option will appear in the Single Scale, Scorecard, and Development Step Configuration popups, "Reassign new action items when submissions return to Step."

Resend Option in Step Configuration.png

When that option is enabled, when any submission that was previously in the Step returns, action items for new action items will be triggered. This setting is configured on a Step-by-Step basis, so each Step can be configured individually according to your workflow needs.


Resending Action Items

Action items are resent when submissions return to a previous Step. This can be triggered any way that a submission can be returned to a Step, including:

  • Drag and dropping submissions into the Step from the Pipeline Steps view
    Drag and Drop Resend Message.png
  • Pipeline List View or Step Manage page "Change Step" option in the Actions menu
    Change Step Resend Message.png
  • Rules Engine rules configured to change Steps for submissions
    Rules Engine Resend Message.png

Once the submission is returned to a previous Step, new action items will be sent according to the current Step Configuration settings. This includes sending action items to the current evaluators for the Step, action item due date, notification settings, and more. Note: Action item assignees that were edited using the Update Assignment or editing the Development Team feature may not receive action items if not configured at the Step-level.

If the submission previously had completed action items for that Step, that data will be retained, and accessible from viewing the action item from My Action Items (for assignees) or the Action Items Manager (for administrators). If the submission previously had open action items for the Step, those will be canceled before new action items will be sent for the submission. Only one open action item may be assigned to a user for a submission in a Step.


Completing Resent Action Items

As with assigning action items for a submission for the first time, resent action items will send in-app and email notifications (if enabled for the Step). When assignees view a resent action item, they will see messaging informing them that they had previously completed an action item for that submission.

Development action item assignees will see any previously completed Development information pre-loaded for their action item. If they wish to start fresh, they can click "Select here to clear" to clear that data.

Resent Development Action Item with Clearing 2.png

Single Scale and Scorecard action item assignees will receive blank action items. The message at the top of their action item informs them that they had previous action items for this submission, and link to the My Action Items list if they wish to reference their past action items.

Resent Scorecard Action Item with Past AI Message.png


Viewing Completed Resent Action Item Data

Views and exports related to action item data will account for the most recently sent action item data. For example, if action items have been resent for a submission in a Step, the Step Manage > Action Items Progress page dashboards and completion charts will account for only the most recently sent action items, and not account for past action items that may have been sent for submissions in the Step.

Administrators can view past completed action items in the Action Items Manager list. Meanwhile, Action item assignees can view past completed action items in the My Action Items list.

Historic data will also be available for individual submissions from the Step Manage pages. To download, from the "Currently in Step" or "Step History" tabs, select a single submission and right-click or select the "Actions" menu. Select "Export Action Item History" to download the export for the submission.

Action Item History Export.png

These exports will contain the historic data for all action items from that Step associated with the selected submission.

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