Managing user accounts in Enterprise / Site Setup

In you Brightidea System Administrators have the ability to fully manage all users. Managing users is an important and extensive part of your Brightidea configuration. 


Getting Started

  • To begin navigate to Enterprise Setup > Users > Manage

Searching for Users

  • Under the manage tab you can search for users by typing in their user name or email address
    • Once you find the user click on their name in the drop down menu and click on "Select"


  • Once you locate the appropriate user account you have several options to manage it


Updating User Profile

  • To update the user profile click "Show Details" next to their user name.
    • You can update all the user profile fields within the text boxes.
      • Don't forget to save changes when finished!


Block or Unblock Users

  • To block the user clock on the "Block User" button
    • A blocked user will not be able to access the system.
  • Please note: If a user is blocked their statistics such as votes, ideas, and comments will remain intact. 


  • You can view a list of all blocked users by navigating to Setup > Users > Blocked Users


  • To unblock a blocked user click on "Unblock User" on the user management page.
    • The user will now be able to fully participate in the system.


Delete User

  • You can delete a user by clicking "Delete User"
    • Click "yes" when prompted on the confirmation message 
  • Important Note: Deleted users cannot be restored.  All associated ideas/votes/comments will be deleted!


Reset a User's Password

  • If a user is having trouble logging into the system you can reset their password.
    • Click on "Reset Password" and an email will be sent to the user with instructions on how they can reset their password.


Create a New User Account

  • On the user management page you have the option of creating new accounts
    • Click on "New Account" you will be asked to provide a Login Name and Email 
      • Click "Create" to finish


Create a New Admin

  • User management also involves setting Enterprise and Site/Pipeline administrators
    • Navigate to Enterprise Setup > Users > Administrators 

  • Under "System Administrators" search for the appropriate user and click "Add Administrator"
    • The user will have full administrator privileges in the entire Enterprise (all Sites/Challenges)
      • To delete an administrator click on the red "X" next to the appropriate user name.  


  • To add a Site/Pipeline administrator navigate to Site Setup > Users > Administrators
    • Search for the user under "Site/Pipeline Administrators" and click "Add Administrator"
  • The user will now have administrator privileges to this Site 


Configure User Groups

  • Another part of user management is setting up user groups
    • You have the ability to create, modify and delete user groups
  • To do this navigate to Enterprise Setup > Users > Groups


  • You can either search for an existing group or create a new one
    • To search for an existing group enter the group name into the search box
      • You also have the option of displaying all groups by clicking on "Show All Groups"
  • To create a new group enter the group name and click on "Create Group"


  • Once the a group is located/created you can manage the users within that group
    • To add a new user search for the User Name or Email in the search field then select "Add Member"
      • If you want to delete a user from a group select the red "X" next to their user name


  • After finishing setting up the group the next step is to assign that group to a Site
    • To do this Navigate to Enterprise Setup > Sites > Manage Sites
      • Select the Site from the drop-down menu


  • Once you select the Site search for the group name on the left, select the group name and move it to the right box via the double arrow
    • Don't forget to save changes
  • The Site will now be group restricted to only the users in that particular group 
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  • Avatar
    Alex Perez

    Is there a way to export a full list of current users from the application?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, please see the 'user activity' report in Enterprise setup.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Alex Perez

    Thank you. I do not see instruction for retrieving/exporting a full list of users. Perhaps this can be done through an export?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, please check the 'user activity' export in your Enterprise setup area. That will pull a list of all users.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support