File Library

Brightidea offers a way for all Administrators to upload important files, documents and images into an 'File Library'. This way, you can save files internally to avoid any conflicts when downloading/viewing important information.


This "library" is available to all Brightidea Admins which can be found under Enterprise Setup or Site Setup > File Library. The File Library allows Admins to upload images and other media files for use throughout Brightidea.

Each file uploaded will generate a path URL that can be used within widgets, custom CSS, and in banner / footer. Any type of file is accommodated - including PDF's, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & image files. Once images are deleted, they are removed from our database.

Confidential Attachments

In the File Library, there is an option for confidential attachments. Confidential attachments allow ONLY logged in users to see attachments uploaded to ideas, in image widgets, or in image library. The confidential file must be checked when uploading a new attachment.


Public Initiatives - In new public Initiatives, confidential attachments hold true. All attachments will be accessible in a public Site with a login into the public site.

Turning on Option Mid-Site - If an Admin enables the "Confidential File" attachment option - it will make all new attachments confidential and locked from outsiders. All previous images and attachments prior to the change will still be public.

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