Public Initiatives

Brightidea allows Initiatives to be easily set as 'Private' or 'Public' with one option. Private Initiatives can only be accessed by Users with existing accounts and correct permissions, while Public Initiatives can be accessed by anyone at anytime whether they have an existing account or not. Note: In both cases, Users must register and log in before submitting ideas / comments / votes.

Getting Started

Changing your Initiative from Private access to Public access can be done by updating the setting in Site Setup > Access > Security and updating the dropdown option for What type of site do you want?


Additional details regarding Public Initiatives:

  • External and non logged-in Users can view Ideas (except Hidden ideas), all Initiative pages, all Widgets with information, and posted Blogs.
  • Users need to register and login to submit ideas, comment, and vote.
  • Self-registration and Registration-invites are used to gather new users.
  • Brightidea will send Users to Idea Boards after logout. If they are logging out from the Homepage, they will instead be sent to the Homepage.
  • An example of a public facing Initiative is our own IdeaSpace -

Please refer to the section below regarding running private & public Initiatives simultaneously

To keep Users restricted from separate Initiatives, we need to leverage Group Restriction within Enterprise. In order to effectively keep the experience of users logging into the correct Initiative allowed, we must pre-load these users in appropriate groups and provide them with the URL(s) of the Initiative - to keep them contained in their Initiative(s).

Group restriction is key - If Users are not in the group, they will not have access or "see" the URL of the Initiative in any widgets, etc. You can find more information on Group Restriction here and providing Initiative Access here.

Steps to section off restricted Initiatives with new Users:

  • Import users into the system via User Import in Enterprise Setup
  • Import them into the designated groups via Group Import in Enterprise Setup
  • Send users email/newsletter with URL of the Initiative - informing them they must set their password with the minimum requirements.
  • Once they set their password - they will login to the Initiative.
  • If you have questions/concerns about this process - please contact your Brightidea representative. 

Important Things to Note:

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