Creating a new User within People Pillar

The easiest way to accommodate new Users that need to be added your Brightidea will be through Command Center > People Pillar.

Note: If you are creating a User for an Initiative is group restricted, make sure to add the newly created User to the appropriate group(s) to prevent any login/access problems. Feel free to review this article on Group Restrictions. 

Once you are on the People Pillar, select the "Add User..." button in the top-right. 



You will now be directed to a screen to enter in all the User's details. The User's Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Screen Name will be the most important fields to fill in for the new account.

Below the Screen Name field is a checkbox to allow you to provide System Administrator permissions to your new User. If you do not wish to provide Admin permissions, leave this box unchecked.
Also, you will see a dropdown link that allows you to add Additional Profile Fields to your new User if you wish.
  • Additional Profile Fields you may see will be Job Title, Department, Location, Address, Phone, Mobile, Position, Work History, Expertise and much more.
  • We encourage all Users to have these fields filled in as it provides a better User experience and the User can be easily found within your Brightidea.

Once you have filled in all the fields, you may send an invite email to the new User to inform them of their new account in your Brightidea. This email can be customized to your liking, or you may simply send the default invitation that your Brightidea has already created.


Feel free to send a test email to yourself to see how this email will look to a new User when their account is created.


You will receive a notification that you have successfully sent a test email.


Once you are completed all fields for the new User, hit the green Add User button at the bottom and you should receive a notification that the account was successfully created.


Important Notes

  • If there is a need to create many users, we recommend utilizing our user import feature here instead of creating accounts manually. 
  • If you attempt to create a User with an email address that already exists, you will receive a "failed" notification.


  • The wizard can still create accounts outside the domain of what is selected in Registration, however those users will not be able to login to Enterprise or any applicable WebStorm with that domain restriction enabled. 
  • The "New User Account" email template is sent to the user.  
    • The administrator can modify this template in Site or Enterprise Setup > Site > System Email Messages:
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