Setting up and sending 'Newsletters' in Brightidea

In Enterprise setup - we have a feature where Enterprise administrators can customize a newsletter for their Site users. The newsletter can be used to help promote participation around their Site(s), any announcements or alerts, anything!  
Once enabled, it will be located under Enterprise Setup > Site > Newsletter.  The newsletter feature allows the system administrator to build the newsletter over time by saving it, then once it is ready - adminstrators can add users and/or groups to the recipients list for it to be sent.



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As of the 2022 Spring Release, Newsletters can now be created and managed at the initiative-level. Initiative-level Newsletters can be found in Site Setup > Site > Newsletters. Newsletters created at the initiative-level can only be scheduled and sent for that specific initiative.

Dynamic fields can also now be added to initiative-level newsletters. When editing a newsletter, you will now see a new dropdown with dynamic fields that can be inserted into the subject or body of the newsletter. Like other dynamic fields in email notifications, once the newsletter is sent, it will populate with the correct information.


Finally, when creating a new Solve app, if you choose to create your initiative with the recommended newsletters, they will now be created at the initiative-level instead of at the system-level.

Creating the Newsletter

  • Selecting the “Create a Newsletter” button will replace the pane with an empty Newsletter form




Adding Newsletter Recipients

  • Clicking on “Add Recipients” will allow the System Administrator to add the users he/she wishes to send this newsletter to
  • The pop-up will allow users to add both individual users and/or existing user groups to the recipients list.
    • The administrator can select as many users and/or groups as needed, including the 'ALL' group which is every user in their Brightidea system

Adding Newsletter Content

  • The system administrator can feel free to add any text and HTML to their newsletter body.
    • Note there is a max of 100 characters for the newsletter subject line.
  • The administrator can select 'Save' to save it for later delivery or to work on again later.




Managing Your Newsletters

  • Once any newsletter is saved, selecting on the Newsletter title will bring the user to the filled out version of the newsletter
  • The 'Date Sent', 'Created By' and 'Last Updated' will show when the newsletter is saved
  • The administrator has the option to delete the newsletter by selecting the right hand side 'X'.




Sending the Newsletter 

  • When the administrator is ready with their recipient list and their newsletter content, he/she selects “Send Newsletter”
    • A warning box with the number of recipients it is going to be sent to a confirmation pop-up screen. 
  • The user must confirm this is correct by selecting the 'Send Newsletter' button

Delete Newsletter Warning

  • If a user clicks the red "X" to delete a newsletter the warning pop-up

Important Things to Note:

  • The newsletter inherits the Enterprise Contact Email setup in Enterprise Setup.  Therefore all newsletters triggered will come from this address when sent to the administrators' audience.
    • This is located in Enterprise Setup > Site > Components > Contact Email
  • Attachments cannot be appended to newsletters.
  • Newsletters may take a few minutes or hours to get to the target audience depending on size of the recipients.
  • Newsletter is only available on Enterprise level, not Initiative/Site.  
  • If any emails do not get received, please verify the system email settings, as well as the users' personal profile settings
  • The subject line for the newsletter can be up to 100 characters.
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  • Avatar
    Vicky Sell

    The images on this page aren't working - can you please update?

    Thanks :-)

  • Avatar

    This is really useful information; but it would surely benefit from those images being visible, as Vicky noted previously. Update, please?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hi Vicky - You should be able to see the screenshots now!



  • Avatar
    Michelle Fairbanks

    Is there a way to send the newsletter to 'ALL' across the Enterprise?  without having to manually create a group..?

    Also,is there still a suggested limit of only sending Newsletters to 300 max recipients?  Most communities are much larger than that.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hey Michelle -

    You cannot send to the "ALL" group unfortunately - you will have to add separate groups and/or users - I agree we should enhance the feature to be able to do so.



  • Avatar
    Schreiber, John

    I do not see the Preview button on my system.  Also the Newsletter I receive in the email has all the HTML code in it.  Should I open a Support Ticket?

  • Avatar
    Schreiber, John

    Hi Ron,


    Attached is what I put in the Rich Text Editor.  There is no HTML, but as you can see from the email I received, there is HTML in it.  Any suggestions.

  • Avatar
    April Cason

    Once you create the newsletters, are they all saved for the Users to view at a later date?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi April,

    They are only saved for the administrators in setup, the users can only view them from the email they were sent, not anywhere in the front-end of Brightidea.

    Brightidea Support