Post Idea 2.0 Page Overview

The Post Idea 2.0 page utilizes a modern and streamlined design incorporating existing features for the idea submission process! It will help provide a better experience for all Users to submit ideas into your Initiatives.

This article is focused on the front-end experience for End-Users. If you wish to learn about how to build out your Submission Form, please refer to this article here.


Table of Contents:

Getting Started

To enable the updated Submission page, please navigate to Site Setup > "Ideas" tab and enable "Post Idea 2.0".



The Post Submission page provides all of the functionality from the Post Idea 1.0 page plus many new additional features. Our Post Idea 1.0 feature can be applied by disabling "Post Idea 2.0", noted above.

With Post Idea 2.0, Users will experience an all new modern and streamlined design right out of the box! Users will also have the ability to embed videos and images using the available Rich Text Editors, upload private files, and even preview their Submission before submitting. See each section below as we detail each of the additional components.

Rich Text Editor

Brightidea has added a new Rich Text Editor to the Description and Long Text answer field types on the submission page. The Rich Text Editor will support the following:

  • Font size and color
  • Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Strikethrough
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Indenting, Alignment, and Horizontal Rule
  • Attach inline image
  • Add hyperlink
  • Embed videos
  • Fullscreen

Embedded Video/Images

Users now have the options to embed videos or images within the description field using the Rich Text editor. To embed a video or image select either the "Insert Image" or "Insert Video" option as shown below:



Once either option is selected the submitter can select an image file, insert Video Embed Code, or a Youtube/Vimeo Link. After either a video or image is selected it will display within the description on the View Submission 2.0 page


Submission Preview

Users have the ability to Preview their Submission before they are ready to submit. This feature allows the Submitter to fully view how their Submission will appear on Submission Boards and in View Submission 2.0 before they submit it.

As the Submitter begins to fill out the Submission Form, they will see their Submission card update in real-time with results of how it will display on Idea Boards. preview located on the right side of the page.

The Submitter also has the option of seeing how their Submission will appear in the View Submission page by clicking into the dropdown arrow and selecting the "Preview" button.


The submitter will be redirected to the View Submission preview page where they can see how their Submission will appear. If they are satisfied with the display, they can click "Back To Idea" and complete their Submission.


Important Notes

  • The Post Submission page does not support any widgets.
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