Post Submission Page Overview

This page utilizes a modern and streamlined design incorporating existing features plus many new ones for the submission process! It will help provide a better experience for all users in your Brightidea platform.



Table of Contents:

Getting Started

  • To enable the new page, please navigate to WebStorm Setup --> "Ideas" tab and enable "Post Submission 2.0"
  • Note: The submissions will not work in older versions of IE, only IE10+ is supported.
    • Please ensure your users are not on IE8 or have access to an alternative browser before enabling the new submissions page!


  • The Post Submission page provides all of the functionality from the existing submission page plus many new additional features below:
    • An all new modern and streamlined design right out of the box!
    • Embedded Video/Images
    • New Rich Text Editor
    • Private File Upload
    • Submission Preview

Embedded Video/Images

  • Users now have the options to embed videos or images within the description field using the Rich Text editor.
    • To embed a video or image select either the "Insert Image" or "Insert Video" option as shown below:
  • Once either option is selected the submitter can select an image file, insert Video Embed Code, or a Youtube/Vimeo Link 
  • After either a video or image is selected it will display within the description on the View Submission 2.0 page:

Rich Text Editor

  • Brightidea has added a new Rich Text Editor to the submission page:
  • The Rich Text Editor will include many existing features plus several new ones including:

    • Font Size
    • Font Color
    • Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strikethrough
    • Unordered and ordered list
    • Indenting
    • Alignment
    • Horizontal rule
    • Attach inline image
    • Create url
    • Embed video 
    • Fullscreen 
  • The New Rich Text Editor is available for both description and long text answer field types. 

Submission Preview

  • New to the submission page is the preview feature.
  • Once the submitter begins to fill out the submission form they will see the live preview results in the Submission Board preview located on the right side of the page:


  • The submitter also has the option of seeing how their submission will appear in the View Submission page prior to submission by selecting "preview" button:


  • The submitter will be redirected to the View Submission preview page where they can see how their submission will appear 
    • When the submitter is finished viewing the preview they can select "Back To Submission/Idea"


Important Notes

  • The Post Submission 2.0 page default question text can now be edited using the submission form edit page in WebStorm/Challenge setup here.
  • The Post Submission page does not support any widgets.
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