What is the Judging tool for?

The Judging tool type provides Admins the ability to assign Judges to Steps. These Judges then help find the best submissions using a lightweight, user-friendly judging tool in real-time as the submissions are being presented.


The Judging tool has fully customizable templates that allow the Managers to find the exact information they need for the Judges to review about each assigned submission.

  • Configurable Template / questionnaire
  • Track scoring progress through Steps View > Manage Judging

The Judging tool type action items are also iPad friendly and fully responsive for Judges to be able to complete them on their mobile iPad devices! When the Judging action items are triggered, the assigned Judges can quickly fill out the questionnaire for each submission:

They can also review the complete submission by selecting the idea code in the title of the action item:

Configure the Judging Tool:

To get started with Scorecards, navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu > Configure Judging:


After the Judging configuration screen appears...

the Manager will then be prompted to set the following parameters:

  • Judges: Select the Judges who will be assigned the submissions.
  • Scorecard Template: Select the template which will be used and assigned for each submission to the Judges (Learn more about Scorecard templates here!)
  • Due Date: The manager can set the due date dynamically from date assigned or manually select a date if needed.
  • Idea Editing: Judges are not allowed to edit any of the submission attributes.
  • Action Items: Cancel open action items when submission moves out of Step.
  • Email Alerts: Select whether or not to send email alerts to Judges notifying them of assigned submissions. Note: email alerts for 'Judging Tool' can only be sent immediately and not daily.
  • Email Subject and Body:  The assigner has the option to enter in any desired email subject and body text - which will be sent to the selected evaluators.
  • Recurring Reminders: Send email reminders to assignees after X days of inactivity.
  • Action Item Escalation: Notify certain recipients when an action item hasn’t been completed in X days.


Judge's Experience:

After the action item is triggered, the assignee will receive an email (if emails are enabled) and notification of their Open Judging Action Item to complete. The evaluators can then complete their Judging Action Items by filling out the questionnaire and selecting 'Complete'

Assigned Judges can quickly see the list of assigned submissions on the left side of the questionnaire form:

Judges can only quickly access the team members on each submission by selecting the "Team" tab on top of the questionnaire form:

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    Kalvin Myint

    Can we rearrange the order of ideas in the Judging column?

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    what is the difference between Judging and Scorecard?

  • Avatar
    Nanette Lamb

    what is the difference between Judging and Scorecard?

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    Rob Russillo

    Is the only difference between the Judging tool and Scorecard tool; that the Judging tool has a tab to view the Team? Does the Judging tool score just like a Scorecard (out of 100%)?