Group Assignment for Step Configuration (BETA)

Group assignment allows administrators to assign action items to pre-configured groups, making it easy to assign action items to large numbers of evaluators, or to reuse groups for evaluation across multiple steps or Pipelines.

Beta Feature Enablement

Group assignment can be enabled for your system in System Setup > Beta > Initiative Options > Group Assignment.

Group assignment is currently supported for Review, Single Scale, Scorecard, Development, Stack Rank, and Pairwise tool types. Group assignment for Stage Gate steps will be available in the future.


Adding Groups as assignees in Step Configuration

Once enabled for your System, user groups will appear when searching for assignees in Pipeline Step Configuration popups.

Groups in Search Results.png

Groups cannot be selected for certain assignee fields that can only be assigned to a single user, such as the Development Lead role for Development Steps, or the Owner role for Find Owner steps. Note that groups must be configured before they will appear in the search results.

Groups can be assigned for both Individual and Category assignment. Multiple groups, or a mix of groups and individual users, may be assigned to a single Step. If a user is part of multiple groups in the same Step, that user will only receive one action item per submission for that Step. Also note that the limit of 60 evaluators per Step for Individual assignment, or 60 evaluators per category with Category assignment, will still be enforced.

Once assigned a Step, users in the group will receive action items as submissions are added to the Step. Load balancing settings for the Step will account for users in the group as well.

Action Items Progress.png

Assignees for the group will appear individually in the Action Items Progress page for the Step, with an icon to indicate which assignees belong to groups. Hovering over the group icon will display a tooltip showing which group, or groups, the assignee belongs to.

Because these assignees are managed at the group-level, Reassign and Delete options are disabled for assignees in the Group.


Removing Groups from Step Configuration

Just like removing individual users from a Step after action items have been assigned, removing a group from a Step will update the action assignment for all users in the group:

  • Completed action items will be retained and data visible
  • Open action items will be canceled
  • Users in the group will no longer receive action items for the Step moving forward

Once removed from the Step, evaluation data may be permanently deleted for each individual from the Action Items Progress page.


Editing Groups assigned to Steps

If a group has been assigned to one or more Steps, future edits to group members will affect action item assignment:

  • Adding a user to a group will assign new action items to the user moving forward
  • Removing a user from the group will remove them from the Step, and not assign action items to them moving forward


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