Stage Gate within Brightidea (BETA)

Brightidea now offers Stage Gate, a powerful methodology embedded directly into project workflows. This KBA will guide you through utilizing Stage Gate within Brightidea's initiatives and the interconnectivity with our Project Rooms. We'll explore how this framework can improve collaboration, decision-making, and ultimately, the outcome of your innovation initiatives.

Read through the below sections to get familiar with the capabilities, and reach our to your Customer Success Manager to have them enable the beta feature within your platform. 

Configuring your Pipeline Steps 

Currently, Stage Gate is available in any Brightidea app. Although you may find the Labs product to be better suited to map and honor the core workflow for the Stage Gate methodology. Once in your pipeline, configure your steps into a standard Stage Gate Process. Our recommendation approach is below, with a Gate step following each stage process: 

  • Stage 0, Discovery 
  • Stage 1, Scope 
  • Stage 2, Build Business Case 
  • Stage 3, Development 
  • Stage 4, Testing & Validation 
  • Stage 5, launch 

Once you have your pipeline configured you will go into each step and configure the steps for the appropriate action items. On the appropriate step, click "Edit Step." From here you wil see two new Tool Types, "Stage Process" and "Gate Approval." 


Stage Process Configuration 

For Stage Process, you will have a standard Configure Action Item modal display. Confirm who will be taking lead as part of the team completing the Stage Process. This is typically the idea submitter and additional assigned subject matter experts. 

Within the modal you will also see a "Project Room Template" selection dropdown. This is defaulted to the Brightidea Stage Gate Process project room, should you click on the dropdown you will see all Project Rooms the user has access to. 

The user can configure a custom Project Room, and additional details for that are provided and listed below. Note, only one Project Room can be assigned per pipeline. 

The user will also need to select a response to "Folder Mapping." This dropdown will display all Stages that are populated in the respective Project Room, so you will want to coordinate which Stage is correlated to the Step that is being configured. 




Gate Approval Configuration 

Gate configuration aligns closely to what has been done within the Stage Process. Once the user selects "Gate Approval" the Gate configuration modal will display. Here, the user will want to select the Gate Lead and additional team members that are responsible for approvals. This is typically people within a leadership level that are approving project progression and fund releases. 

You will also notice, should this be the second Stage Gate step assigned, that the Project Room Template is unable to be selected. This is due to only one Project Room template per pipeline to ensure one workflow is being followed. 

The drop down for "Gate Mapping" will display all Gates that are populated in the respective Project Room, so you will want to coordinate which Gate is correlated to the Step that is being configured. 


Automated Project Room Creation 

Once an idea is submitted within the pipeline, and enters a step in which a Stage Gate tool type is configured. A Project Room will automatically be spun up, created, and associated within the record. Note, you will want to make sure that the the Project Room widget is enabled in View Idea 3 for this to display correctly. 

This Project Room will also be shown within the Project Room list, for easy access for the teams working on the project approval. 

The Project Room spun up will mimic and be a direct copy of the one selected during pipeline configuration. All team members assigned to the action item will automatically gain access as well. 


Completing Action Items within the Project Room 

Once an idea enters the Stage or Gate step, action items, based on the step configuration settings made within the Stage Process or Gate Approval steps will be sent. 

This will appear as an in-app alert, as well as an email alert, based on pipeline and user settings. The action item will also be displayed on the record. 

All action items will direct the user to the corresponding Stage or Gate page within the Project Room 

For Stage Completion 

The team assigned to the Stage will want to complete all assets, artifacts, and information corresponding to the assigned process. This is listed on on the lander for the step. Once the team completes all work, they will select the "Submit Stage" prompt on the Project Room or record to mark the completion of the action item. 

For Gate Completion 

The team assigned to the Gate will get notifications when the action item is assigned. The Gate scorecard will be displayed on the Gate page within the Project Room. Those assigned to the Gate will want to complete and submit their scorecards. 


Building a Custom Project Room 

Should the team opt to not use the default Project Room provided, they can create their own room. This will follow all default functionality as our Project Room capabilities, the difference is the user will want to ensure they are hosting all artifacts under a "Stage" or "Gate" object. This will then complete the mapping that is shown in the step configuration modal. 



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