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Need a better way to track and accelerate great projects? With our Accelerate app, you can broadcast your efforts to a large audience, fund, track and build the best opportunities.

Read below to learn more about this process and how to progress through the pipeline.



Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • To quickly recap on how to create your Accelerate initiative, navigate to your apps screen, and select the Accelerate app.


  • Once there, select "Create an Accelerate Initiative"
  • Fill out your title, description, audience to complete the wizard.

Site Home Page

  • Once you create your new Accelerate initiative, you will be brought to your Accelerate site home page.
  • Here, you can update the site hero imagechange your submission form, and more!
    • For more suggested edits, refer to our Accelerate App - Launch Playbook here.
    • Review this list of user roles that are recommended for the Accelerate app here.

Pipeline Steps View

  • After successfully creating your Accelerate app, you will see that it comes with preconfigured stages and steps.  
  • To navigate there, select Admin > Manage Pipeline
    • For a quick recap on the overall Accelerate process, refer to this process overview here.
  • The Accelerate backend pipeline configuration consists of the following:
    • Program Initiation
      • Register Teams
      • Kick Off Program
      • Find Mentors
    • Startup Development
      • Review Progress - 1st Meeting
      • Review Progress - 2nd Meeting
      • Review Progress - 3rd Meeting
    • Presentation Development
      • Review Presentation - 1st Meeting
      • Review Presentation - Final Meeting
    • Demo Day
      • Present at Demo Day
      • Review Demo Day Checklist
      • Conduct Final Meeting
    • Investment Management
      • Monitor and Support
    • Program End
      • Record Results


Program Initiation 

  • Register Teams
    • Participating Startup Team lead registers their team into the Accelerator Program in this first step.
      • This step is preconfigured as a "Review" tool type 
    • By default, the Submitter will be defaulted as the Startup Team lead.
      • A ‘Review’ action item is triggered to the Accelerator Manager to check for accuracy, record their ‘initial investment’, and more.
      • Once the action item is complete, the Startup advances to the next step.  
  • Kick Off Program
    • After the team registration step, startups will be put into the "Kick Off Program" step. 
      • This step reflects the beginning of the Startup’s orientation with the Accelerator Process.
      • This step comes pre-configured as a "Development" tool type
    • A ‘Development’ action item must be completed by the Startup Team to move to the next step. Note: the action item will include relevant information, and links to helpful resources (i.e. how to use their ‘Team Workspace’.)
    • Once completed and the Startup Team has all their tools and resources, the Accelerator Manager moves the Startup to the next step.  
  • Find Mentors
    • Once "Startups" are submitted, they will be put into the "Find Mentors" step. 
      • The Startup Team is now searching for ‘Mentors’ to help guide decision making for their Startup. Note: The Accelerator Manager may recommend potential Mentors.
    • The Startup can advance once their ‘Development’ action item is completed (to add their Mentors) by the Startup Team lead.  

Startup Development

  • Review Progress - 1st Meeting
    • After the Mentors, Accelerator Manager, and Startup Team conduct a meeting to review progress to date.
    • This includes iterative updates, and any notes. A ‘Development’ action is triggered to the Accelerator Manager to record findings. 
  • Review Progress - 2nd Meeting
    • Based on feedback, and any updates requested, a second meeting occurs. The team continues to go back and forth, via their ‘Team Workspace.’  
  • Review Progress - 3rd Meeting
    • A similar, final meeting is conducted.

Presentation Development

  • Review Presentation - 1st Meeting
    • This is the first meeting to start preparation for the upcoming Demo Day.
    • The Accelerator Manager and their team, complete their ‘Scorecard’ action item to capture impressions of each presentation.  
  • Review Presentation - Final Meeting
    • Another meeting to review for Demo Day takes place, the Startup Team incorporates feedback from the first evaluation.
      • Another Scorecard action item is triggered.

Demo Day

  • Review Demo Day Checklist
    • The Startup Team Lead receives a checklist for their upcoming ‘Demo Day’.
    • The team reviews their check-list of ‘to-dos’ and considerations, prior to their big presentation. 
  • Present at Demo Day
    • Any Startups in this step are conducting live demonstrations of their products with the Accelerator Manager, External Investors, and members of the media.
    • The Startup moves into the next step when the Demo Day has happened.  
      • There is no tool type pre-configured to this step
  • Conduct Final Meeting
    • A final meeting happens with the Startup Team, Mentors, Accelerator Manager and other Accelerator representatives.
    • The Startup Team is tasked to add their final pitch deck. Decisions on funding most likely will happen at this point.  

Investment Management

  • Monitor and Support
    • The Accelerator Manager ‘keeps tabs’ on the progress of the Startups after exiting their Process, and provides any needed assistance along the way. 
      • There is no tool type pre-configured to this step


  • Record Results
    • Lastly, startups are can be moved into the "Record Results" step. 
      • The Accelerator Manager, in partnership with the Innovation Manager, records all business impact. 
      • There is no tool type pre-configured to this step

Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!

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