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Global Navigation Search will now display recently viewed pages! Now navigating to previously viewed pages will be much easier instead of clicking through different places to find what you were looking at. Let's learn about the details below!


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Enabling Recently Viewed Pages

To enable this feature, you can access this setting through Enterprise Setup > Beta. This option will be labeled as Recently Viewed List in Global Nav Search


Recently Viewed Labels

When searching through your Recently Viewed Pages, you will notice labels indicating the page you have viewed, such as "Submission", "Initiative", or "User".


These labels can be edited to match your company's innovation process by navigating to Enterprise Setup > Site > Labels. You will find the labels near the bottom, underneath the "Search Results" labels.

Once you have found the labels you would like to edit, Enable Label Edit and change the verbiage to anything that matches your company's process (e.g. Projects, Notes, etc.).


Feature Functionality

This feature is designed to provide easier navigation between recently viewed pages for users. Instead of having to click through multiple links between pages of interest, users can use the Global Navigation Search as a way to easily access pages they may be working on / recently viewed.


In addition, the Recently Viewed Pages within the Global Navigation Search will offer additional buttons that allow front-end/back-end access for specific pages.

Navigation Buttons for Initiatives

If one of your Recently Viewed Pages is an Initiative, you may see two buttons that will direct users to either the Site/Initiative Homepage or theInitiative Pipeline Steps View.


Navigation Buttons for Submissions

If one of your Recently Viewed Pages is a Submission, you may see two buttons that will direct users to either the Submission View page or the Team WorkSpace page (if available). If there is no Team WorkSpace set up for the Submission, then neither of these icons will appear.



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