Data Deletion

Delete users’ personal data when it’s necessary to comply with data protection and privacy regulations. We give you examples of common requests and things to consider. That way, you can determine a plan of action for complying with the regulations that matter to you.

Data protection and privacy regulations can require you to delete users’ personal data when users request it, or when it’s no longer necessary to keep.

If you have users who want the data that you’ve collected on them deleted, review these common requests and their related procedures.




A user of ours moved out of the country, where we’re not licensed to do business. So he wants us to purge his data.

Delete Records

Delete these records and fields for your user.

  • Contact
  • Tasks
  • Calendar events
  • Any personal data in unindexed, free-text fields

My user decided to do business with our competitor instead. She asked that we delete her personal data.

Delete Records

In addition to deleting your user’s contact or lead record, consider deleting:

  • Any personal data in unindexed, free-text fields
  • Calendar events

And if you maintain a sandbox environment, refresh the environment afterward to remove that user’s data from it.

My user died. The company requested that we remove him from our systems.

Delete Records

A user of mine doesn’t want us to store her email address and phone number.

Managing Users

Delete any fields that store your user’s email address and phone number.

A sales rep with my firm no longer works with us. She wants us to remove all her personal information from Brightidea.

Deactivate (Delete) Users

Consider deleting:

  • Any personal data in unindexed, free-text fields

A way to search for personal data in unindexed fields is to export the data, and then search for the user’s information.

  • Calendar events

Keep in mind that editing personal data in user records doesn’t change the content that appears in those notifications.

Sometimes, records related to the data that customers want us to delete links to workflows and other data that we want to retain.

How do I avoid disrupting those workflows and creating other problems when I delete associated data?

Manage Contacts

Check with your company’s legal counsel on options for making personal data in records obscure instead of deleting the records altogether.

A way to make personal data obscure is to change details in the user’s contact record. So in the record, you’d delete data in all its fields, except for the Account and Last Name fields, which are required.

And then for the Last Name field, you’d replace the customer’s name with something like Deleted Contact or Forgotten Contact.

I’d like to delete email and events related to a specific user.

If your user doesn’t want your company to keep any of her information, delete the user’s personal information from:

  • Any email system you use, such as Outlook or Gmail

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