Word Limit for Submission Form and Development Fields

Submission description and short- and long-text fields, as well as Development short- and long-text fields, can now be configured with a word limit. This allows administrators to better tailor their submission forms and Development action items, to collect the right amount of information and help focus submissions and answers.


Word limits can be configured from the Submission Form Builder, in Site Setup > Ideas > Submission Form Builder. When editing a short- or long-text submission or Development field, or the description field, you will now see a Word Limit field. By default this field will be empty. You can add a number to set the limit and save your edits for the field. Answers to that field will now be limited to that number.


Please note: adding a word limit will not affect any existing answers for that field. However, upon editing the field, the word limit will be enforced.


For any field with a word limit configured, a counter displaying both the current word count and the word limit will appear below the field input. This will appear anywhere fields can be edited, including Post Idea, View Idea, Step Manage views and action item views.


Once the word limit is reached, additional input will be blocked. If attempting to cut and paste text beyond the word limit, the field will accept text up to the word limit, and cut off the rest.

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