'User Tagging' in Brightidea

User tagging allows users to 'tag' users throughout Enterprise and Site. Tagging a user alerts the user via email and Notifications that they have been tagged in a comment. This will help drive user engagement within your Sites.



  • To get started, type '@' to get a list of users and select the appropriate user from the drop-down list.
    • Post the comment and the user will be tagged within the comment post.

The tagging functionality works when posting in:

  • Idea Comments
  • Idea Comment Reply
  • Enterprise / Site Activity Feed Post and Updates Widget
  • User Landing Page Post and Comment





  • After selecting the user(s) and posting the comment, the tagged user(s) will receive an email notification which will contain a link taking them directly to the comment in which they were tagged in.



  • The tagged user name(s) will be highlighted and linked within the comment / post:


  • The tagged user will also be notified via the "Notifications" feature:



  • Email Templates associated with 'User Tagging can be fully customized / translated within Enterprise Setup under: Enterprise Setup > System Email Messages > Site:
    • User tagged in Idea Comment
    • User tagged in Updates Feed



Important things to Note:

  • Tagging respects group/domain restrictions, user who do not have access to a Site will not be in the available drop-down user list to tag.
  • Blocked users will not appear in the tagging user lists at both Enterprise and Site levels.
  • Only registered Site users can be tagged (i.e. a user who has 'checked in' to respective Site(s)).
  • Currently, tagging does not support Enterprise or Site level blogs
    • Users cannot be tagged in blog comments
  • There is no reporting for user tag activity at this time.
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