User Tagging in Comments

Users can tag other users in comments, allowing participants to mention or call attention to other users. Tagging a user will also notify them, both via email notification and in the app, helping to increase engagement and collaboration throughout your system.

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Tagging Users from Comments

If commenting is enabled for an initiative, the commenting section will appear at the bottom of the View Idea page.


To tag a user:

  • Type '@' and then the first name, last name, or screen name of the desired user
  • A dropdown will appear below the text input, with a list of matching users. Select a user to tag them
    • Note: multiple users may be tagged in the same comment
  • Once the comment is posted, the user will appear as tagged to the comment


User Tag Notifications

After tagging a user in a comment, they will receive an email notification linking them directly to the tagged comment:


The tagged user name(s) will appear as a link within the comment:


The tagged user will also be notified via in-app notifications:


Email templates for User Tagging notifications can be customized within in System Setup > System Email Messages > Initiative:

  • User tagged in Idea Comment
  • User tagged in Updates Feed



Inviting New Users from Comment Tags

With the Summer 2022 Release, new users can be invited to join the Brightidea system directly from user tag comments. This will create a new account and send an email invite to the tagged user. This allows you to quickly and easily create and invite new participants and direct them to submissions or comments of interest.


To invite a user from a comment tag, type '@', then their email address. If the email address is not associated to any user, the search dropdown will display "Create a new user."


By default, this functionality will only be available to administrators and moderators. You can allow all users to invite users to the system via comment tags by enabling Site Setup > Ideas > Comments > Allow all users to invite from comment tags.

New users invited via a comment tag will also now receive a single email notification for both registration and the comment tag.


Following the link in the email will take them to complete registration, then directly to the comment they were tagged in.


Important things to Note

  • User tagging will respect access group and domain restrictions; users who do not have access to your initiative will not appear in the user search dropdown
  • Deactivated users will not appear in the tagging user lists at both system- and initiative-levels
  • Currently, user tagging is not supported for system- or initiative-level blog post comments
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