Brightidea's Fall 2016 Release!

Brightidea’s Fall 2016 release is all about creating software to help innovation program leaders more effectively manage innovation across corporate initiatives! 

What's included in the Fall 2016 Release?

New Innovation Apps

Your role as an innovation leader is expanding—and we’re right there with you. Explore the full suite of our innovation apps in the Brightidea platform!


    • 9 New Innovation Apps:
        • Start Phase - These Apps require low resource investment and deliver impact in a relatively short timeframe and are thus an ideal choice for programs starting out.
          • Discuss
          • Solve
          • Optimize
        • Expand Phase - These Apps yield further developed results and also have higher initial requirements. They continue to expand the influence of the innovation program.
          • Hack
          • Incubate
          • Pitch
        • Scale Phase - These Apps use collaborative innovation techniques to support a variety of activities throughout the organization, driving towards a full innovation ecosystem.
          • Understand
          • Monitor
          • Suggest

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Pipeline Engagement Dashboard

Using a new dashboard, you can track where engagement is coming from. It displays the amount of cross-departmental collaboration generated by your challenge and provides insights into discussions across your organization’s silos.

Plus, a newly added map feature tracks where on the globe your challenge audience is participating.


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Find Teammates

Team members can now search for other innovators who are seeking specific skills for their team.

Our new Find Teammates feature indicates how good of a match someone is and how likely a person will join a team based on such factors as their experience, activity in the challenge, and whether or not they’re already participating in another team.


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Evaluations Tab on View Submission

The Evaluations tab displays evaluation results to submitters (and team members) on the View Submission page.

This tab allows the challenge sponsors and administrators to close the loop with the user base who participated in their challenge - and will give transparency into the evaluations of each submission.


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Expertise on Profile and Submission

Employees’ profiles can easily be updated with new or modified skills and experience, maximizing their match to any team once it’s formed. 

    • This feature allows users to add 'Desired Expertise' to their submission and on their user profile in order to promote desired skills to help build their team with the proper diversity needed to execute the mission at hand.


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Judging Tooltype

The Judging step provides the Pipeline Managers with the ability to assign Judges and help find the best submissions using the lightweight, user-friendly judging tool template in real-time as the submissions are being presented. It's responsive to tablets and mobile devices too!


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Pipeline Communications

The brand new Communications tab in Pipeline allows administrators to enable and configure certain email templates within Pipeline setup:


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Currency Support

Your innovation can reach across the world - so now you can track in multiple currencies! Administrators can now set their system to a particular currency type. The selected currency type will display throughout their entire Brightidea site.


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Exclude Research Pipelines

This feature allows administrators to exclude submissions from "Research" type Pipelines when viewing dashboards in Brightidea! 


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Submission Name

This feature allows administrators to set the submission name that will be used throughout the initiative that they create using the custom Pipeline process.

  • Your custom Submission Name will appear in all references to submissions, including labels, widgets and email messages.


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