Explore (Explore A New Market Opportunity)


Is your company ready to explore new ideas to address new market opportunities? With our Explore App, you can surface organic growth ideas given a new market opportunity, at low cost while engaging employees.

Read below to learn more about this process and how to progress through the pipeline.



Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • To quickly recap on how to create your Explore App, navigate to your apps screen, and select the Explore app:

If you are using Brightidea Innovation Cloud 2.0, your Apps page may look like the below: 


  • Once there, select "Set Up a Explore Process"
  • Fill out your title, description, audience to complete the wizard.

Site Home Page

  • Once you create your new Explore event, you will be brought to your Explore Site Homepage.
  • Here, you can update the site hero imagechange your submission form, and more!
    • For more suggested edits, refer to our Explore App - Launch Playbook here.

Pipeline Steps View

  • After successfully creating your Explore app, you will see that it comes with preconfigured Stages and Steps.  
  • To navigate there, go to your Admin Controls > Manage Pipeline
    • For a quick recap on the overall Explore process, refer to this process overview here.

The Explore backend workflow consists of the following:

  • Rate Ideas
    • Announce Challenge
    • Collect Ideas
    • Single Scale Evaluation
  • Evaluate Ideas
    • Collect Deeper Evaluation
    • Scorecard Evaluation
    • Progress Highly Rated Ideas
  • Project Business Impact
    • Develop Highly Rated Ideas
    • Analyze Financial Impact
  • Prioritize Shortlist for Handoff
    • Shortlist Ideas
    • Progress Ideas Towards Implementation
  • Monitor Projects
    • Make Sure All Ideas Are Attended To
  • Track Business Impact
    • Assess All Projects
    • Share With Sponsor and Stakeholders

Rate Ideas

  • Announce Challenge
    • Understand the market opportunity that you are looking to Explore. 
    • Provide access to all Users that will be a part of the Submission phase.
  • Collect Ideas
    • Any Explore ideas that are submitted or imported, will show up in this initial Step.
      • Idea collection phase should not last more than a few weeks. 
  • Single Scale Evaluation
    • This step comes pre-configured as a "Single Scale" tool type
    • The assigned evaluators will receive an Action Item and will evaluate the ideas with a single scale score.

Evaluate Ideas

  • Collect Deeper Evaluation
    • Ideas that ranked highest will progress forward for a deeper evaluation.
  • Scorecard Evaluation
    • Ideas will moved into the "Evaluate Ideas" Step
      • In this Step, a ‘Scorecard’ action item is assigned to ensure the Explore Team meets all prerequisites to proceed. 
    • The Explore Team with the Explore Manager (and any individuals from their team) conduct their first initial meeting.


  • Progress Highly Rated Ideas
    • The Explore Manager and team complete their 'Scorecard' action items to proceed to the next Step.
    • Qualified Explores are then moved into the "Project Business Impact" Step

Project Business Impact

  • Develop Highly Rated Ideas
    • The Explore Manager is assigned a 'Development' action item, ensuring all company information (including financials, etc.) are checked and verified. 
  • Analyze Financial Impact
    • Explore Team considers Business Impact of remaining developed Expore ideas and move forward for handoff.

Prioritize Shortlist for Handoff

  • Shortlist Ideas
    • A 'Stack Rank' action item is assigned to Evaluators. Each evaluator prioritizes based on financial impact and implementation. 
  • Progress Ideas Towards Implementation
    • Qualified Explore Ideas for implementation will move onto 'Monitor Projects'.

Monitor Projects

  • Make Sure All Ideas Are Attended To
    • Explores are closely monitored by Explore Team and remain in contact with individuals and groups through final implementation. 

Track Business Impact

  • Assess All Projects
    • Explores in this step, are tracking their business impact (projected and actual). 
  • Share With Sponsor and Stakeholders
    • Explore reports will be shared with sponsors and stakeholders on a reoccurring basis.

Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!

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