End User introduction to Brightidea

The 'End User' in Brightidea has the ability to participate in any Initiative/Site that they are given access to (based on groups/domain restrictions).



End users can submit ideas, votes and comments and perform many other actions!

This article will help instruct your end users with using many of the Initiative/Site features in Brightidea! 

What does this article cover?

Posting an Idea

  • Upon logging into the Site with their email and password, the user will generally see a button to submit a new idea.


  • On the idea submission form page, the user can enter the following fields:
    • Title of the idea (Required)
    • Description of the idea (Required)
    • Attach any attachments that may help assist in communicating their idea (7mb max)
    • Select category from a pre‐populated list (Required)
    • Add any key words or “Tags” that will help find the idea later (Optional)
    • Answer any additional submission form questions (Optional)
    • When finished select the “Post Idea” button
  • The user will then be navigated to the ‘View Ideas’ page which will display their idea.

Voting on an Idea

  • On the Idea View page, the user is able to vote (or demote) on any idea in the Initiative/Site.
    • Also, depending on voting options, the user can allocate ‘chip’ votes to the idea.
  • If the user likes the idea, he/she can then vote on it by selecting the upward arrow “Promote” on the left-hand panel.
  • The same goes for demotion, the user would select the downward arrow to “Demote” (if the option is turned on).
  • The points for that idea will increase or decrease immediately depending on the points structure predetermined by the administrator.


Commenting on an Idea

  • On the View Ideas page, the user is able to comment on any idea that they have access to.
    • Users can also reply to comments made by other users on any idea.
  • The user can freely type in a comment on the View Idea page.
    • To attach any relevant documents to the comment, the user can do so by clicking on the “attach” button.
    • After clicking on “Post Comment”, the comment will be posted and an email alert will go out to the idea submitter and subscriber alerting them of the new comment.
  • Reminder: The following attachment file types are supported by Brightidea: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, AVI, WMV, MOV.


Navigating around Ideas

  • End users can browser and filter all ideas in any Initiative/Site using Brightidea Idea Boards.
    • All ideas are visible to the end user unless they are hidden by the administrator.



  • Widgets in Brightidea allow users to be presented with content and also help them navigate around the site depending on how the site administrators have set things up.
    • Displayed below (as an example), are two available widgets (among many others) that allow the user to filter by idea categories and tags:



Learn more about all the widgets here and here!


Editing your profile

  • Upon logging in, the user will generally see the “My Profile” link in the top navigation bar.
    • Once there, the user can edit their profile by selecting “Edit Profile” link on the page.


  • On the profile edit page, the user can edit all fields including:
    • Change Profile Picture
    • First/Last name
    • Attributes (Job Title, Address, Phone#)
    • Work History/Skills
    • Email Settings in regards to idea activity in Site
    • Any other custom profile fields
  • Save all changes to your profile settings by selecting “Save Updates


Subscribing to an idea or category

  • On the idea page, the user can subscribe to any idea or category in the Site.
    • To subscribe to ideas and/or categories, on the Idea page click on the envelope icon and select the idea or category check-box.


    • If you subscribe to an idea, the user will receive an email when:
      • Status of the idea is changed
      • A comment is made on the idea
      • Category of the idea is changed
      • Site of the idea is changed
    • If you subscribe to a category, the user will receive an email when:
      • A new idea has been submitted to the subscribed category
      • A new comment is made to ideas under the subscribed category.

 Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!

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