End User introduction to Brightidea

The 'End User' in Brightidea has the ability to participate in any Initiative that they are given access to (based on groups/domain restrictions). Your End-Users make up the majority of all engagement, daily activity, and success of each of your Initiatives. They have the ability submit ideas, votes and comments and perform many other actions! This article will help instruct your End Users with using many of the Initiative features in Brightidea! 



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Posting an Idea

Upon logging into an Initiative, End Users will generally see a button to submit a new idea.


On the Submission Form page, the User can enter the following required fields - Title and Description of the idea. They will then have the option (but not limited to) the following fields - Attachments that may help assist in communicating their idea (7mb max), Category from a pre‐populated list, “Tags” that will help find the idea later, additional submission form questions, and more.

Once the Submission has been created, the User will then be navigated to the ‘Idea Boards’ page which will display their idea. Note: This redirect to the 'Idea Boards' page cannot be changed at this time.


Voting on an Idea

On the Idea View page, End Users are able to vote (or demote) on any idea in the Initiative. Also, depending on voting options, the User can allocate ‘chip’ votes to the idea.

If the user likes the idea, they can then vote on it by selecting the upward arrow “Promote” on the left-hand panel. The same goes for demotion, the User would select the downward arrow to “Demote” (if the option is turned on).

The points for that idea will increase or decrease immediately depending on the points structure predetermined by the Admin.


Commenting on an Idea

On the View Idea page, the User is able to comment on any idea that they have access to. Users can also reply to comments made by other users on any idea.

To attach any relevant documents to the comment, the User can do so by clicking on the “attach” icon. After clicking on “Post Comment”, the comment will be posted and an email alert will go out to the idea submitter and subscriber alerting them of the new comment.

Reminder: The following attachment file types are supported by Brightidea: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, AVI, WMV, MOV.


Navigating around Ideas

End Users can browser and filter all ideas in any Initiative using Brightidea Idea Boards. All ideas are visible to the End User unless they are hidden by Admins.




Widgets in Brightidea allow Users to be presented with content and also help them navigate around the Initiative depending on how Admins have set things up. Displayed below (as an example), are two available widgets (among many others) that allow the user to filter by idea categories and tags:



Learn more about all the widgets here and here!

Editing your profile

Upon logging in, Users will generally see the “My Profile” link in the top navigation bar. Once there, Users can edit their profile by selecting “Edit Profile” link on the page.


On the profile edit page, the user can edit all fields, including - Profile Picture, First/Last name, Attributes (Job Title, Address, Phone#), Work History/Skills, Email Settings, and any other custom profile fields.

Save all changes to your profile settings by selecting “Save Updates


Subscribing to an idea or category

On the View Idea page, Users can subscribe to any idea or category in the Initiative. See our support article here for more information on how subscriptions work.

If Users subscribe to an idea, Users will receive an email when the Status of the idea has changed, a comment is made on the idea, or if the Category of the idea is changed.

If Users subscribe to a Category, the user will receive an email when a new idea has been submitted to the subscribed category or if a new comment is made to ideas under the subscribed category.

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