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Getting Started

No two innovation processes are the same. The Brightidea's Pipeline Management is designed for massive flexibility and configurability, so whether you are deploying internally or externally, whether time-boxed or continuous, Brightidea can meet the diverse innovation needs of your business. We know it will have a huge impact on your teams' innovation program going forward. 

With that said, let's get to some of the key information we need to review with you.

Browser Requirements

Brightidea's Pipeline Management is supported in the browsers listed below.  Older browsers can still be used, but our newest and greatest features may not look or work as intended.

  • Google Chrome (latest version recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version recommended)
  • Apple Safari (latest version recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Understanding User Roles

Brightidea's Pipeline Management supports three roles with different privileges:

  • System Administrator: All System Administrators have access to all parts of Pipeline Management. If a User is assigned as a System Admin, they do not need to be assigned to any other Role.
  • Initiative/Pipeline Admin: This can be any User who is assigned to manage and maintain an Initiative/Pipeline. Once a user is set as this role, they can conduct everything needed for their specific Pipeline(s).

Accessing Pipeline Management

The Administrator can navigate to the Pipeline Management area through either Global Navigation, Admin Navigation or Dynamic Navigation.

Using Global Navigation, Admins can select the "Command Center" link from the Global Navigation gear menu drop-down menu. Then, select any Pipeline from the left panel.


Using Admin Navigation, Admins can select the "Steps" or "List" link from the Initiative navigation bar:


Using Dynamic Navigation, Admins can select the "Manage Pipeline" from the Navigation bar:



One of the things Brightidea knows very well, is that innovation is always changing.  As a result, Brightidea has built in state of the art functionality to make sure all maintenance and organization of your team's Pipelines (and ideas in those pipelines) have a successful workflow. 

A Pipeline is the overall set of tools (including front-end Initiative) that allows innovation managers to control and automate their idea workflow from idea submissions, to evaluations, all the way to project implementation.

The Member Area & Pipeline Manager (left panel) in Brightidea allows the Manager to view, manage and create any Pipelines:

When creating a Pipeline, an Initiative is also created in Brightidea to crowd-source ideas.


Creating a Pipeline

To create a new Pipeline, select the "+sign from the left Pipeline Manager left side bar:



Administrators can also select the "Products" link from the Global Navigation gear menu


Admins will be presented with a wizard allowing them to choose from one of Brightidea's Applications, create a Custom Pipeline, or Copy an Existing Pipeline

Creating a Custom Pipeline allows the Manager to create their own designated workflow leveraging all tools available.

Copying Existing Pipeline, will copy all stages and steps from a pre-existing Pipeline to a new Pipeline. 

Creating a Pipeline through one of the Applications will set up a pre-configured pipeline 


First, you will need to choose a Sponsor, a Topic title, and the Challenge Brief. 


Select "Continue" to proceed to the next screen. Next, the Manager has the option of using the Default Design or copying from an Existing Initiative.

  • Using Default Design provides the out-of-the-box design of the selected App. 
  • Copying from an Existing Initiative allows the Manager to replicate the design of a previous or current initiative.

Lastly, Admins will need to fill in the fields for Participants and Roles

  • Participants are the User access group that is permitted to view any/all Initiative pages. This is typically your Innovation group. Depending on the App you chose, you may see a field for Early Access Group. This means that you will be using a time-box Initiative


  • Roles are the Users that supervise/manage certain aspects of your Pipeline. See a list of our User Roles here.


Once created, the Manager will see the Pipeline in the left hand menu. 

If your team needs to map an existing Initiative to a Pipeline, please contact your Brightidea Account Manager!

Pipeline Manager (Left Panel)

The Pipeline Manger (Left Panel) provides a list of all accessible Pipelines.  Within the panel, Admins have access to the following information and activity:

  • Action Items: View & review their own open and completed action item
  • Command Center: Users can navigate to the IPM Command Center

Sort and Filter Pipelines

The Left Panel also allows Admin(s) to ArchiveFavorite or Delete Pipelines. The Admin can right-click on any Pipeline to view the following:

  • Go to Site: Direct link to Initiative home page
  • Add to Archive: Adds Pipeline to 'Archived' section
  • Add / Remove from Favorites: Can favorite the Pipeline for easy access.
  • Delete: Delete the Pipeline and all its content / components
    • Deleting any Pipeline will delete all Site data! Including Ideas, Comments, etc
  • Setup: Links the Manager to the Setup page for that specific Initiative.

To search or sort Pipelines, select one of the sort options (All, Recent, Archived, Favorites) or type into the search field to filter.

  • All: Sorts all accessible Pipelines to the user / Manager.
  • Recent: Displays, and sorts, all accessible Pipelines by creation date.
  • Archived: Displays all accessible Pipelines that are marked 'Archived'
  • Favorites: Will be marked with a Star icon, lists all Initiatives that have been favorited.

Managers can also organize Pipelines into folders. The Admin can select the folder icon to create a new Pipeline folder. Once a folder is created, Admins can drag and drop Pipeline(s) into that folder. 


Pipeline Admin Navigation (Right-panel dropdown)

The Pipeline Admin Navigation dropdown menu, allows all Admins to access several key areas within the specific Pipeline.


The Pipeline Admin Navigation is broken down into several components:

  • Site: This link will take you to front-end Homepage for this Initiative
  • Site Setup: This is the link to the Initiative's Setup screens. This is where you can make any Initiative configurations.
  • Steps: This is the main view for each Pipeline. This view will display the all Stages, Steps and Submissions.
  • List: Access the List (Grid) view of the Pipeline to manage ideas.
  • Dashboard: Review selected Pipeline & Initiative metrics / statistics.
  • Knowledge Base: Takes the users to the Command Center Knowledge Base.
  • Pipeline Setup: Allows the Admin(s) to access Pipeline Setup where they can configure Pipeline information, Rules Engine and templates for Scorecards.
    • Please Note: Altering any information in Pipeline Setup will also update onto Site. (i.e. if a Manager updates the Pipeline name or description, it will update the Site name on the front end)



Stages are ways to organize Steps into higher groupings in your work-flow. This workflow can include a process from collecting Submissions from Participants, to triggering Action Items to Subject Matter Experts, and to handing off Submissions to respective business units.

Sometimes, an innovation teams' Stages may include more than just one Action or Evaluation.  As a result, Brightidea allows Admins to add as many Steps as needed to fall under one 'Stage' in their innovation process.


When a new Pipeline is created, default Stages from the App will be automatically created. The Manager is able to rename these Stages by selecting the pencil icon in the Stages top bar above the steps.

To learn more about Stages, please see our Support article here.

Steps & Tools

Steps are separated instances where Admin(s) can manage and advance Submissions through various Tool Types. Within each Pipeline, Admins can create separate Steps within each Stage.

The green 'plus' button at the bottom-right corner of each Pipeline allows Admins to create new Steps. Admins will need to fill in the necessary criteria:

  • Step Name: Enter the name for the new step
  • Step Description: Provide a description for the goals of this Step
  • Select Tool Type: Select the required tool type for the new step.
  • Select Stage: Select the stage name of where the new step will be placed.

Complete the process by selecting "Create".


To learn more about Steps, please see our Support article here.

Configuring a Step & Trigger Action Item(s)

By default, the first 'Step' in the Pipeline is the idea collection Step. Therefore, all submitted ideas will appear in this first Step.

Every Step in each Pipeline can be configured using a Tool Type. When a Tool Type is selected, and Evaluators are assigned, this will create Action Items each time a new Submission enters the Step.

  • For this example, we will configure a 'Review' tool for our first Step in our Pipeline:
    • Here, the Pipeline Manager assigns the a User 'John Albright' as the Evaluator. As a result, when new ideas move into this step, the Evaluator(s) will be assigned Action Items automatically. The Manager can specify email communication, when the Action Item is due, and more!
  • Navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu > Configure 'Review'
  • After the Action Item is triggered in Brightidea, the assignee will receive an email / notification notifying them of their open 'Review' Action Item to complete.

The 'Review' action item, is just one out of many different action item types available in Brightidea. To learn more about all the different tool types available (and the experience of assigning action items from these tool types), please refer to this deep-dive article here!

Action Item assignees can also be removed/added from the Step Configuration modal while preserving previously Completed Action Item data. When Assignees need to be updated, please consider the following:

  • Open action items will be canceled
  • Completed action items will remain saved and visible in Step Manage pages, evaluation scores, summaries, and exports
  • The removed assignee will no longer receive new action items 
    • Assignees (along with completed action items) may still be permanently deleted from the Action Items Progress page 
  • Removed assignees may be re-added to the Step. However, this will not re-assign any previously assigned Action Items to the Evaluator
  • For Category Assignment, the assignee must be removed from all Categories in order to appear in “removed” state.

Managing Steps

When Submissions enter each Step, and Action Items are triggered and completed, Admins will still have access to review their Pipeline's progress. When the Admin selects 'Manage Step', they will be brought to a high-level overview page to review all progress of the Step.


For each Step, and each tool type, Admins can review data points such as:

  • Number of Completed vs. Open Action items (associated with that Step)
  • Names of Evaluators - and their total completed percentage of their Action Items
  • Average number of days Action Items are open (or take to be completed)

The administrator can export data, make decisions on the ideas from moving forward or not (to proceeding steps), send a reminder to all action item assignees of that step, as well as edit the due date. 

To learn more about managing Steps, refer to this deep dive, here!

Automating Pipeline Steps with Rules Engine

One of the best features of Brightidea is the incorporation of our Rules Engine. This allows Innovation Program Managers and Admins to automate their Pipeline from start to finish.

  • For one example, an Admin can set up a Rule to change a status automatically, when ideas are move into a specific Step:

To learn more details around the Rules Engine with Brightidea, refer to this deeper dive article, here!

Additional Important Things to Know:

  • Pipeline Management is not label editable at this time. (no translation support)
  • An Initiative is created as part of any new Pipeline, and will always default to the first Step in the Pipeline
  • Brightidea recommends no more than 20 Steps max per Pipeline. If your work-flow requires more, please consult with your Customer Success Manager.
  • System Administrators have administrative access to all pipelines in the system.


Please see all the additional articles about Pipeline Management below!

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