Winter 2020 Product Update

As we tear out the last page of our 2020 calendar, and begin to observe the year-end holidays, we wanted to bring you a few gifts to unwrap that we hope will make life easier and give you the warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. So sit back, and cozy up with a warm beverage while we show you what our elves have been working on in our Brightidea workshop. Our Winter 2020 Update will warm up those ideas during these in-home holidays.

Brightidea's most recent software release took effect on Wednesday, December 16th 2020, 10:00 AM PDT.

For an overview of our Winter 2020 Update, see our blog post here. The following updates and improvements have been made:

Magic Inbox

Easily send all your ideas to the email address and they will appear in your Initiative! Connect a Magic Inbox to one of your Initiatives and all ideas can be sent there using the email!

Check out how to set up your Magic Inbox here!


Crowd Voting Updates

We have released big updates for our Voting experience! Voting can now be done at the Idea Boards page as well as seeing an improved interface on Submission View page.

Check out the latest update that allows Voting on Idea Boards!

And our latest update that improves our Voting experience!


Color Coded Pipeline Stages

Stages, within Pipelines, can now be color-coded for a better managerial experience. Apply different colors to each Stage in your Pipeline so that you know where Submissions are in the innovation process.

Check out all of our updates on applying colors to Stages here!


Commenting Updates

Our latest Commenting interface has been improved since it was first released into Beta. It is now the default commenting experience for all users.

Check out all of our updates around Commenting here!


Move & Copy Ideas

Our latest improvements to Move and Copy Submissions has been updated. This feature provides an easy way for Admins to Move and Copy large batches of Submissions at once.

Check out all of our updates to Move and Copy updates here!


Brightidea Licensing Manager 

All affiliates will now organize Admin licensing through the People Pillar! Newly created affiliates, and any legacy affiliates that have opted in, will see a new section called "Licenses" that replaces "Administrators" tab within the People Pillar. This functionality supports Brightidea Administrator Licensing and our newest Idea Box Manager Licensing.

Check out all of our updates around our Licensing Manager here!


Tag Management Updates

Applying and Removing tags just became a lot easier! Admins now have improved functionality that can add and remove many tags at once through the backend Pipeline List View and Steps View.

Check out all of our updates around Tag Management here!


Campaign Filtering

Our User Home now has added a new feature on the Activities tab to filter through all your Initiatives! Users can easily locate certain Initiatives by utilizing the filter tab instead of scrolling through the list.

Check out all of our updates around User Home filtering here!


Setup Redesign

We are excited to introduce to you our latest redesign to our Setup screen! Our updated design provides a better interface for Admins to configure their Initiatives, Community and Enterprise Setup screens.

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