View Submission Changes with History Tab

Tracking changes within a Submission now became much easier! With the release of the new History Tab, users can see how different submissions evolved throughout the workflow process. Let's check out the details below!

***This improvement is still under BETA testing. Some features may be unavailable at this time***


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Enabling History Tab

By default, the History Tab will be disabled within the View Submission 2.0 page. To enable, navigate to your Enterprise Setup > Beta > Beta:


History Tab Setup

Once the History Tab setting has been enabled, an option within the Site/WebStorm setup will allow Administrators to choose the visibility of the History Tab. You can access this setup through Site Setup > Ideas > History Tab.

By default, the History Tab is available for all System, Pipeline and Community Administrators, as well as Moderators and Analysts. If Administrators want to extend the visibility to other users, they may allow everyone to view History Tab, allow just Evaluators, or may restrict to just Administrators and Moderators.

Viewing Submission History

Once this setting has been enabled, you will see a new tab appear next to Business Impact within the View Submission 2.0 page:


History Tab Content

The History Tab will show a list of changes/events that were made to the submission. This list will be in reverse chronological order (from most recent to oldest).

The History Tab will show which user it was updated by and when the change was made.


Below are the types of changes that will reflect within the History Tab:

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