Spring 2021 Release

Spring 2021 Product Update

As winter and the past year draw to a close, it's time to look forward to a new day, and a brighter, warmer future. In that spirit, our Spring 2021 Update is full of new features and enhancements that we hope will energize and delight you. This includes new integrations, powerful ways to connect people and tools, and improvements that make your everyday tasks faster and easier than ever.

Brightidea's most recent software release took effect on Wednesday, March 17th 2021, at 9:00 AM PST.

For an overview of our Spring 2021 Update, see our blog post here. The following updates and improvements have been made:


Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams has become increasingly popular as more people than ever work remotely. You can now connect your Brightidea system to Teams, giving your participants the ability to create Ideas directly from messages. Users can register for Brightidea’s Rules Engine to post to Teams!

Check out how to set up your Microsoft Teams Integration here!


Share Button

The new Share Button allows you to invite participants or administrators to join your Idea Box. See who already has access, search for and invite new participants, or quickly add Idea Box Managers or Pipeline Managers. You can even import user groups to your Idea Box on the fly.

Learn more about the Share Button here!


Pipeline Summary Export

The Pipeline Summary export gives you a snapshot of your whole initiative. Available from Site Setup > Exports, this exports all submissions in your initiative, and gives a summary of how they progressed from each Step in the Pipeline workflow. The export includes action item completion information, overall and individual scores, and how long each submission was in each Step.

Learn all about the Pipeline Summary Export here!


Updated Welcome Message

Idea Boxes now have an updated Welcome Message at the top of the Site home page. These updates include a variety of new features to make it quick and easy to customize your site’s design, including out-of-the-box presets and Unsplash integrations to find just the right image for you.

Check out all of our updates to the Home Page Welcome Header here!


Rules Engine HTTP Requests (Outgoing Webhooks)

We want to make it easy for you to innovate from wherever you work. That’s why we’ve updated the Rules Engine to allow Brightidea to post to external web services, giving you the flexibility to connect Brightidea to the tools you use every day. Using the new “HTTP Request” action, you can post to a variety of different third-party applications, from Jira to Zapier.


Learn more about how to use Outgoing Webhooks here.


Additional Updates and Enhancements

We’ve also added a number of additional features and enhancements to help you get the new year off on the right foot!

  • Administrators can now deactivate, reactivate and delete users directly from the People Pillar
  • Initiatives can now collect and display business impact on a quarterly basis
  • Stage Colors now display in the Idea Boards Stage and Steps view
  • Admins can now link submissions across different initiatives from Pipeline Step and List views. When copying a submission to another Pipeline, you can also choose to link to the original submission
  • Idea Merging is now available in Beta. Administrators can now merge two or more ideas from the Pipeline Step or List View. Learn more about idea merging here
  • A new "Suggested for You" tab for User Home is now available in Beta. This provides personalized recommendations for new submissions. Learn more about the "Suggested for You" tab here
  • Moving and copying ideas will now also include matching Development field data
  • We’ve added the ability to control notifications when submitters’ ideas are Reviewed and advanced
  • Development fields can now be configured to be visible to administrators only. Evaluators will only be able to view development fields from action item views
  • Pipeline administrators and moderators can now edit the Owner field from View Idea 2.0


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