Top 10 Checklist for Launching your Brightidea!


✓ Whitelist your System Email Address

Important system notifications for administrators and participants are sent out from your Brightidea system.  Before the launch of your first Initiative, be sure to test out your system email address to prevent:

  • Emails being blocked
  • Email being marked as spam


This feature allows administrators to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) between Brightidea and a company’s identity management system.  It also provides tools for administrators to help support user SSO login experience.

  • Before setting up SSO please read Brightidea’s SSO implementation guide here.  

✓ People PillarUser Import, and Groups

Utilize the User and Group imports to pre-load users into your Brightidea site.

Note: Brightidea cannot import user passwords.  After the user import, users must go to the login page and select ‘Forgot Password’ to reset and create a new password for themselves.

The ‘ALL’ group contains every user in your system.  If you have SSO, anyone who has ever visited your system will be included in this group.

✓ Initiative Group Access

Before launching an Initiative, confirm you have applied the correct user group(s) to the challenge.

  • If an end user is not in a group applied to an Initiative, they will not have access to it.
  • If an evaluator is not in a group applied to an Initiative, they will not have access to any actions (evaluations) for that challenge.

✓ Scheduler and System Time Zone 

Confirm your system is set to the correct time zone. This will ensure your site starts and ends at the correct time, end users have access to the Initiative, and communications such as newsletters get sent at the correct time.

  • End users can not submit ideas, vote, or collaborate on ideas until the Initiative has started.
  • Always confirm the start and end date on the submission, voting, and commenting periods when using the Scheduler.
  • Note Daylight Savings Time*

✓ Rules Engine

The Rules Engine automates your workflow.  It works in the background and is triggered by an event, meets a condition, and performs an action.   It’s very important to check that a rule is configured correctly and makes logical sense concerning your workflow. Unintended actions of misconfigured rules include:

  • Triggering of bulk emails
  • Email(s) sent to the wrong recipient. (submitter, admin, group)
  • Sending action items out at the wrong time or to the wrong evaluators in your workflow
  • Moving an idea(s) to the wrong step in the workflow
  • Rules conflicting with other rules

✓ Pipeline Setup

Before evaluating the ideas that have been submitted to your Initiative, review the implications of your workflow.

  • Confirm that each step has the correct evaluators assigned to it (only 30 SME’s per step)
  • If you add a new evaluator after ideas have been dropped and action items have been sent out, the evaluator will only receive action items on new ideas that enter that step.
  • When an idea is submitted by default it will land in the first step (column) of your pipeline.

✓ Scorecards

Before activating your Scorecard step, confirm you have selected the correct Scorecard template from the dropdown menu.

Before moving ideas into a Scorecarding step, always review your Scorecard template:

  • Questions and Question Type
  • Answers and Answer point value 

✓ Domain Restrictions

Applying domain restrictions permits access to only those users with specified email domain(s).

  • Domain restrictions can be applied on the Enterprise Level and the Initiative Level.
  • Any email domain not added to the list, including admins, will not be able to log in or register.

✓ Widgets and Custom Design

Disable widget setup mode when you’ve completed adding/removing widgets to your page.  Widgets can be deleted or moved into the wrong position on the page very easily.   

Note: If you’ve purchased custom design services or are using a design template some of the widgets on the Enterprise and Initiative homepage contain custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

  • The editing or deleting of these widgets can break the design and functionality of your system. Please consult with your Brightidea Representative before making any design changes! 

Please comment below with any questions or feedback- Happy Innovating!


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