Spring 2020 Product Update

Distributed teams are the “new normal” temporarily, but we think the ripples of our current crisis will have a lasting impact on how we work going forward. That’s why our 🌷Spring 2020 Update 🌷is focused on making the platform even easier to stay connected, collaborate, and foster community.

Brightidea's most recent software release took effect on Thursday, April 23rd 2020, 2:00 PM PDT.

For an overview of our Spring 2020 Update, see our blog post here. The following updates and improvements have been made:

Communities Updates 

Our Community widgets are now separate from Enterprise widgets. No longer will editing a Community widget affect how it displays on Enterprise pages (and vice-versa). 

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Mobile Updates 

We are continuing to improve our Mobile App with new features. Our latest updates include the ability to complete Review Action Items and the ability to Edit Ideas. 

Evaluators can now Edit Idea attributes from their Mobile Action Item (only if idea editing has been enabled for the Step). 

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New Commenting UI (Beta)

Users can now see a new and improved Commenting interface! We updated the colors and layout so that it is easier to recognize which Users are commenting and which comments have a lot of engagement. We also made the commenting experience more consistent across different views.

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User Home Improvements

Numerous improvements have been applied to the User Home! We have been making big upgrades to User Home so that all activity can easily be found in one place.

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Move / Copy Ideas (Beta)

We have improved one of our core features that needed a lot of love. Our Move / Copy wizard can now move and copy up to 500 ideas at a time! (And it's quick too). 

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Step Description Tool Tip

Admins can now add descriptions for Steps to inform other administrators on the workflow. This provides transparent guidance for all Initiative Administrators and Moderators that have access to back-end management.

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Owner Editing and Owner History

Admins now have better flexibility and transparency with editing and tracking of Idea Owners. Admins can edit owners directly from the Submission. Meanwhile, the History tab of each Submission will include previous Owners and which User made the change.

Reminder: As part of the Winter 2019 Product Enhancement, the Owner field can now be enabled for any Initiative.

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"Days in Status" Exports

Introducing new reports to track how submissions are progressing through statuses! Submission Days in Status and Status Summary are now available at the System-, Community-, and Initiative-levels. These reports can show you how efficiently your Pipeline is working, and identify blockers in your process.

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Category Dependent Questions

Submission Forms now support Category dependent questions! Admins can now request specific information with questions curated to the idea's category.

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Required for Dependent questions

In addition to Category dependent questions, Admins can set the dependent questions as Required for submission. 

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Instructional Text on Post Idea 2.0

Finally, our last Submission Form improvement allows for Instructional text to be added to the Submission Form. Admins can provide more details for additional clarity at any section of the Submission form to guide Users. 

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