Using the Brightidea Mobile Application

Use Mobile 5 to rally and inspire employees — wherever they are — to contribute ideas and collaborate with fellow colleagues to uncover the best solutions for your business challenges.



Table of Contents:

Getting Started


  • On the top right you can access your notifications via the notification icon:
  • Within the mobile application you will receive notifications for:
    • Comments on your idea(s).
    • Comments on ideas you have commented on (subscribed).
    • If someone votes on your comment.
      • Please Note: You cannot vote on comments through the mobile application. This will only display on the mobile application when a vote on a comment is made through Brightidea's desktop application.
    • Votes on your idea
    • Tags on your idea
    • User tagging

Menu Icon

  • On the top left, you can access the Menu icon to navigate through the application: 



  • Within this tab users can select:
    • Search: Users can search for ideas, users, comments, updates, and blog posts


    • Profile: By selecting your profile the user can view their profile information as well as ideas they have submitted:


    • Challenges: Directs the user back to the Challenge/WebStorm List:


    • Notifications: Directs the user to their Notifications list:


    • Activity Feed: Directs users to the Activity Feed page, users can either access the "Global Feed" (Enterprise) or "My Feed":


    • My Subscriptions: This tab displays Ideas and Tags that the user is subscribed too as well as users they are following:


    • Invite a Colleague: In this tab the user can enter in a colleague's email address and the colleague will receive an email with instructions to download the mobile application in either iTunes or Google Play stores:


    • Settings: Here the user can enable/disable notification settings or sound settings. 


Posting An Idea

  • Back on the either the WebStorm/Challenge list or WebStorm/Challenge homepage you will see the post idea icon on the bottom of the screen:


  • When you click on the icon you have five options for posting idea:


  • Make an Audio Recording: Create a recording by allowing Brightidea's application to access your mobile's microphone. After finished recording you will be directed to the Post Idea page.  After submission the recording will be submitted as a .m4a file in the "Attachments" tab.
  • Take a Photo: By allowing Brightidea's application to access your phone's camera you can take a photo that will be the idea image after submission.
  • Post Idea: This brings the user directly to the Post Idea page.
    • Please note: The mobile Post Idea page does not support Rich Text editing.


  • Attach an Existing Photo: By allowing Brightidea's application to access your phone's photos you can choose an image from your phone's photo library that will be the idea image after submission.
  • Sketch Idea: This allows the user to draw an image that will be the idea image after submission. 


  • On the WebStorm homepage the user can:
    • Subscribe to Challenge
    • View Popular Ideas: Based on Votes
      • By selecting "All Ideas" the user can see a list of all ideas within that WebStorm/challenge and sort them by "Recent", "Random", and "Popular"
    • View Recent Activity 
      • By selecting "All Updates" the user can view all activity within that WebStorm/challenge


  • On the View Idea page the user can: 
    • Subscribe to idea
    • View idea details
    • Vote on Ideas/ See Idea voting details
    • Post comments and attachments
    • On the view idea page the user can swipe left/right on their phone to few the next/previous idea. This feature works similar to "Next and Previous" buttons. 


Important Things to Note:

  • Users can only search and view blog posts, there is no post blog functionality in the Brightidea Mobile Application.
  • Brightidea Mobile does not support idea editing, ideas can only be edited through the desktop site.
  • Brightidea Mobile does not support chip voting, only regular up/down voting.
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