Setting Up and Understanding Enterprise Setup

This article provides brief descriptions of each setup options available in Enterprise. System Administrators can access the Setup page to enable or disable the available options described below. 



  • To access the Enterprise Setup page, log in to your Brightidea Site with an administrator account.
    • Click on the Setup link that is located in your 'Global Navigation' bar or a link in your dynamic navigation if available. 
  • The Enterprise Setup Page is divided into nine main tabs: SiteIdeasUsersExports, InitiativesMobile, SupportImage Library and Authentication.

Table of Contents


  • Info

    • Affiliate Name: Allows you to change the name of your Brightidea Site.
    • Domain Names: To set or change your Brightidea site Vanity URL (ex:, please make the appropriate changes here.
  • Global Navigation

    • Allow you to enable or disable Global Navigation for all Enterprise and the applicable Initiative/Site(s). 
    • Administrators can also configure the Masthead, Background and Logo.
  • Navigation

  • Components

    • User Network: Users can invite other users to their "network".
      • Once in a network, each user can see others in the same network via the My Network widget.
    • Private Messaging: Private Messaging allows users to send messages to each other directly. 
    • Contact Email: This is the email address that will be used as the 'from' address on all Enterprise generated emails.
      • Also, the email address indicated will be displayed at the bottom of most Enterprise pages as the 'Contact Address' for your site.
    • Contact Name: This is the name associated with the contact email. This is only used with certain dynamic email fields.
    • Enable Email this page: The Email this Page option allows you to email hyperlink of any page in to another user.
    • Enable Date Formatting: To accommodate other formats of time and dates in your Site, please be aware of the feature to change your DD/MM/YYYY format. 
    • Time Zone: This option allows the administrator to configure the timezone for their Brightidea site. 
    • Time Format: Administrators can set their time to a 24 hour or 12 hour clock.  
    • Currency: This option allows administrators to set the currency for business impact in their site.
    • Advanced Email Options:
      • Enable Daily Mail Digest Queue & Weekly Mail Digest Queue: They can select a Daily or Weekly Email Digest that will show all their activity in Site or Enterprise.
      • NOTE: This enables the OPTION for users to choose, it does not force them to follow this regimen.
    • Allow users to Post to Blog: When this option is selected end user will be able to make posts to the Enterprise blog. 
  • Security

    • Enable Frame Encapsulation Security: Prevents the system from being put in an I-Frame. Click here to learn more.
    • Enable Simultaneous Login Security: Restricts multiple users from logging in with the same user account at the same time. Click here to learn more.
    • Session Timeout: Allows the administrator to override the default session settings and specify a timeout period for additional security.
    • Enable Strong Password rules: Requires users to select a strong password.
    • Expire email invitation within: Allows the administrator to specify a time after which email invitations to the Site expire.
  • Registration

    • Disable Self Registration: This option disables self registration for end users. Click here to learn more.
    • Restrict self registration by email domain: For internal corporate campaigns, it is often useful to restrict registration and participation to those users with a company email account. 
  • Design

    • Banner: The banner is the area at the top of the screen. There are three ways to add content to the banner area: Hide Site Banner, Image or custom HTML.
    • Footer HTML: By using some basic HTML code, the footer can be customized and designed as needed.  
    • Custom CSS: This allows adding custom CSS to fully design and customize your Enterprise level site and any applicable Site inheriting Enterprise CSS.
  • System Email Messages

    • Here email templates can be configured for the Site. Please see this article to dig deeper into setting up the individual system email templates.
  • Newsletter

    • Administrators can configure and send out a newsletter to selected users. Click here to learn more about the newsletter.
  • Labels

    • Edit Labels: This section allows you to edit labels within the software that would otherwise be difficult to reach with standard label edit mode (e.g. registration pop-up box).
    • Import/Export Site Labels: Here admins can export the Enterprise Labels spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is filled with the appropriate labels they can import the new labels back into the Site.




    • Show promote only: This option removes the capability of demoting an idea from the Enterprise level using the old Idea List.
      • In your View Ideas list, only “Promote” will be the only voting option.
    • Enable Idea Tags Automatic Description: When enabled, this automatically subscribes users to tags that they add to ideas when submitting -OR- any tags users add to an idea when editing an idea.
  • Statuses 

    • Here administrators can configure Enterprise statuses including status name, description, system status and status color.


  • Groups

    • Administrators can create groups, grant or restrict access to Site users across their Brightidea system. Click here to learn more about groups.
  • Manage

    • Administrators can search for users and create new user accounts. Click here to learn more on managing users.
  • Administrators

    • Here system administrators can configure additional site administrator or remove any existing administrator from administrator access. Click here to learn more. 
  • Blocked Users

    • Here you will find a list of all Blocked Users on your Brightidea site.
  • Profile Fields

    • User profiles fields can be configured in this section. Click here to learn more about setting up profile fields for your site.
  • User Import

    • Here administrators can import users into their Brightidea site by downloading the default template and importing it back. Learn more from this article about User Importing.
  • Group Import

    • Here administrators can import preconfigured groups into their Brightidea system. Learn more from this article about Group Importing.


  • Brightidea offers various reports available via export. Reports are organized by Sites, Ideas, Users, Login History, Search History, Tag Followers, and Site-Wide.
    • Click here to learn more about all available Enterprise level exports.



  • In this tab administrators can activate Brightidea's mobile application for their system. 
    • Click here to learn more about getting started with Brightidea Mobile.
    • Once enabled they can modify the design, labels, and mobile link.


  • Allows the administrator to quickly access the Brightidea Support Portal.
  • Please utilize the Support Tab to find articles, guides and submit any tickets to further assist you.

Image Library

  • In the Image Library the administrator can upload images, documents, or media files for use for the Enterprise system. 


  • In this tab, Single-Sign-On can be configured for their Brightidea Site. Click here to learn more and read our complete SAML SSO documentation.
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