Setting Up and Understanding Initiative / Site Setup

This article provides brief descriptions of each setup options available in Initiative/Site.

System and Initiative/Site administrators can access the Setup page to enable or disable available options.



  • To access the Site Setup page, log in to your Site with an administrator account. Click on the Setup button that is located in the navigation bar.
  • The Site Setup Page is divided into seven main tabs: Site, Ideas, Users, ExportsEnterprise, Support, and Image Library.
  • Each main tab contains more detailed tabs that categorize each option.
    • The options in each tab are described below.
    • Whenever settings are modified in one tab, remember to click "Save Changes" before moving on to another tab. 

Table of Contents


  • Info 

    • Site Title: Edit the title of the Intiative/Site. This title will be reflected on users’ browsers when on the Site page.
    • Site Description: Description provides a concise explanation of a Site's topic or content. 
    • Site Image: Administrators can change the main image of the Site which will be reflected in the Visual Site List and other places.
    • Vanity URL: Input a vanity URL for your Initiative/Site that can be posted on websites and included in emails and promotional materials. 
  • Components

    • Profiles: Enables a user profiles for each account in the Site, which a user can edit to provide the personal information they desire.
      • The user profile will be visible to all users unless disabled.
    • User Networks: Users can invite other users to their "network". Once in a network, each user can see others' in the same network via the 'My Network widget'.
    • Private Messaging: Private Messaging allows users to send messages to each other directly. 
    • Dashboard for End Users: Allows end users to have access to the Initiative/Site Dashboard via the navigation bar, which typically only Administrators can see if this option is not enabled. 
    • RSS Feeds: When set, a standard RSS icon will display, and users can "subscribe" to the Site/Initiative RSS feed. Note, this only works with the old Idea List and not Idea Boards. 
    • Site baby-sitter: The email account entered as site baby sitter will be cc’ed on all Initiative/Site generated emails.
      • Note, this must be an actual registered user on your site.
    • After Login Page: Choose which page you wish the user be navigated to after logging in.
      • You can select the Home Page, View Ideas page, or News Blog Page.
    • Enable Email this page: This option allows you to email hyperlink of any page in Site to another user.
    • Enable Date Formatting: To accommodate other formats of time and dates in your Site, please be aware of the feature to change your DD/MM/YYYY format. 
    • Ended Site redirection: URL: To re-route any Site (Ended or Not Ended) you can enable this option. This will re-route any user trying to access this Initiative/Site, once this is on, all users will go to the URL you provide. 
    • Advanced Email Options:
      • Enable Daily Mail Digest Queue & Weekly Mail Digest Queue: Users can select a Daily or Weekly Email Digest that will email their activity in Initiative/Site or Enterprise.
      • NOTE: This enables the OPTION for users to choose, it does not force them to follow this regimen.
  • Security

    • What type of site do you want?: This setting allows the Initiative/Site to be set as public or private
    • Which users do you want to allow to register?: This setting determines if everyone can register or only those who receive an administrator invite.
    • Users can invite new users: Enables Invite a Friend widget, which allows users to enter the email address of an unregistered user, who will in turn receive a system-generated invitation to the Initiative/Site.
    • Enable Strong Password rules: Requires users to select a strong password.
    • Do not allow JavaScript in Text/HTML widgets: When enabled, does not allow JavaScript in Text/HTML widgets.
    • Expire email invitation within: Allows the administrator to specify a time after which email invitations to the Initiative/Site expire.
    • Session Timeout: Allows the administrator to override the default session settings and specify a timeout period for additional security.
    • Enable Frame Encapsulation Security: Prevents the Site from being put in an I-Frame. Click here to learn more.
    • Enable Simultaneous Login Security: Restricts multiple users from logging in with the same user account at the same time. Click here to learn more.
    • Default User Group for Self Registration: This will add all new users to the group that has been set here.
    • Hide User Points From End Users:

        This will display 0 on all your statistics when viewed by end-users. Click here to learn more.
  • Registration

    • Enable Facebook Login: Use your existing Facebook account information to login to Initiative/Site. (Note: Facebook Login is no longer supported and should not be enabled)
    • Enable Twitter Login: Use your existing Twitter account information to login to Site.
    • Enable Google Login: Use your existing Google account information to login to Site.
    • Restrict self registration by email: For internal corporate campaigns, it is often useful to restrict registration and participation to those users with a company email account. 
  • Design

    • Banner: The banner is the area at the top of the screen. There are three ways to add content to the banner area: Hide Site Banner, Image or custom HTML.
    • Footer HTML: By using some basic HTML code, the footer can be customized and designed as needed. 
    • Custom CSS: This allows adding custom CSS to fully design and customize your Initiative/Site.
    • Favicon: Here you can upload an icon that will appear in the web browser for that Initiative/Site. 
  • Blog

    • Allow users to Post to Blog: Turns the blog feature into a “forum”-type functionality, where all end users have the ability to post to the blog page. 
    • Comments Submission: Allows users to make comments to blog posts.
    • Subscribe User to Blog on Registration: When enabled, this will add newly-registered users to the Blog subscription list automatically.
    • Manage Blog Subscriptions: Admins can add or remove members to be subscribed to blogs.
    • Select “Get Current Subscribers” to see full list of blog option to remove them.
  • API

    • Developers can learn how to build on top of Brightidea with our New API documentation site. Please click here to learn more. 
  • Labels

    • Once the spreadsheet is filled with the appropriate labels they can import the new labels back into the Site.
    • Edit Labels: This section allows you to edit labels within the Initiative/Site that would otherwise be difficult to reach with standard label edit mode (e.g. registration pop-up box).
    • Import/Export Site Labels: Here admins can export the Site Labels spreadsheet.


  • Learn more about the Site Scheduler and how it can be configured here


  • Ideas

    • Idea Submission: When enabled allows users to submit ideas to the Initiative/Site. 
    • Enable Post Idea 2.0: Enables the updated Post Idea 2.0 for the Initiative/Site:


    • Add Idea Image to Idea Submission Forms: Allows users to add their own idea image when posting any idea.
    • Idea Image: Set a default idea image for newly submitted ideas.
    • Similar Ideas (Duplicate Checker):  This feature helps reduce duplicate ideas in your Initiative/Site. 
    • Idea Tags: When enabled tags allow your user community to self-categorize their ideas by adding tags.
    • Rich text for Idea description: A Rich Text Editor is available to users when submitting an idea. Note, this option is only for the old Post Idea 1.0 page.
    • Enable dependent form questions: Idea submission form questions can be set dependent based on the answers of the already answered questions.
    • Private Attachments: Allows users to attach a file that only evaluators and administrators can see as part of the idea.
    • Enable Next/Previous Buttons in View Idea Page: Once enabled, "Next & Previous" buttons will appear on the view idea page and allow users to navigate to the next or previous ideas more easily.
    • Idea View Count: View count allows administrators to easily recognize which ideas are the most popular both in Site. Note, this option is only for the old View Idea 1.0 page.
      • View Idea 2.0 includes the view count by default in the "Idea Details" widget.
    • My Favorites: Allows end users to build a list of their favorite ideas submitted to the Site.
    • Tweet This!: Allows users to “tweet” idea links via their Twitter accounts by clicking the Tweet This! Icon that appears for each submitted idea on the Idea List and View Idea pages.
    • Enable Category and Idea Subscription: Allows end users to subscribe to categories or individual ideas.
    • Enable admin ability to subscribe other users: Allows admins to subscribe/unsubscribe end users to ideas and Sites.
    • Enable Campaign Specific Statuses: Allows statuses specific to the Site to be configured rather than Enterprise.
      • Important Note: Once this option is enabled, it can't be disabled!
    • Enable Expertise on Ideas: This option enables Expertise to be collected on the Post Idea 2.0 page and displayed on the View Idea 2.0 page.
    • Enable Evaluations Tab on View Idea 2.0: Enables ability to display evaluation results to submitters and team members.
    • Enable Amazon Alexa Submissions: Administrators can enable submissions through Amazon Alexa. 
    • Use Site alias in URL: Here the administrator can select which URL format they wish to have for their ideas. "Idea Code" is the recommended option for this feature.
    • Allow Idea Editing: Here administrators have the ability to edit any ideas as well as submitters of ideas
    • Allow all users to see extra questions: Allows users to see extra submission form questions. (For Post Idea 1.0 only)
    • Hide extra questions from submitter: Hides extra submission form questions. (For Post Idea 1.0 only)
    • Enable Category Alert Lists:Category alerts allow Brightidea participants to be subscribed to any ideas coming into a specific category.
    • Hide Vote History: When selected it removes the 'Votes Tab' on the View Idea 2.0 page.
    • Idea Ranking By Vote MultiplierIdea Ranking By Vote Multiplier allows you to choose the weight of points for voting in your Site.
    • Anonymous SubmissionWhen selected users cannot see the name of the idea submitter.
    • Team SubmissionOnce enabled any existing user can be added to the idea team
    • All submitters get points (for post Idea and Idea promoted): Administrators can determine whether all submitters (including team members) or only the main idea submitter (team leader) will get points
  • Team Building

    • Find Teammates: This option allows Idea Submitters to search for Users that have the required Expertise to finish projects.
    • User Availability Flag: Users can mark themselves as Available if they would like to participate in any new projects that are created.
    • Users can apply to join teams: If a User is interested in Applying to a specific Submission, they can send a message to the Idea Owner letting them know their interest.
      • Add Accepted Users to Workspace Team: This setting allows accepted Users to join the Workspace team if needed.
      • Add Accepted Users to Submission Team: This setting allows accepted Users to join the Submission team if needed.
    • The administrator of the initiative can select the Idea board version to use in their initiative. 
    • For Idea Boards 3.0 only, the administrator can also select the default sorts and available filters in this tab as well.
  • Comments

    • Comment Submission: When enabled allows users to submit comments via the View Idea page:


    • Comment Editing for Submitter: Once enabled, the end user can edit their comment after submission.
    • Comment Deleting for Submitter: This feature gives the end user the option to delete their comment after submission.
    • Attachments on Comments: Allows end users can add attachments to comments and comment replies.
    • Voting on comments: Allow users to vote on their favorite comments.
    • Show Comment Demote Count: This allows administrators to see which comments are the least favorited through the demote feature.


  • Voting

    • Voting: By default, users can vote to promote an idea, this can be disable by unchecking the voting option.


    • Demote Voting: By checking the checkbox for ‘Demote Voting’ will be enabled, which users to demote an idea.
    • Simple Voting: Simple Voting means that each user only can vote once on each idea, they do not get an unlimited or multiple amount of votes.     
    • Restrictive Voting: Restrictive Voting allows one vote per user per Site.
    • Chips Voting: When enabled the administrator can set the total amount of votes each user has to spread over all the ideas and can set the number of maximum votes a user can place on a single idea.
    • Enable Promote Reason: Allows users to list a reason for promoting an idea.
    • Enable Demote Reason: Allows users to list a reason for demoting an idea.
    • Submitter auto-promote on submission: Administrators can choose to have default vote on submission to be on or off. By default, a vote added to one's idea when submitted will be the default behavior, but administrators have the option to disable.
  • Categories

    • Categories section allows the Administrator to add, edit, and delete categories for ideas submitted to this Initiative/Site.
  • Statuses

    • When Site specific statuses is enabled the statuses editor allows the Administrator to add, edit, and delete idea statuses specific to that Site.
    • Status Reputation Points: When configured users will receive reputation points when their idea receives a particular status. 
  • Submission Form

    • Questions can be added and removed as needed.
    • This section allows the administrator to edit the submission form for a Initiative/Site by clicking the paper and pencil icon that appears to the right of the form name.
  • Ideas Import

    • Here administrator can import the Site Idea Import spreadsheet.
    • Once the spreadsheet is filled with ideas, they can import the new ideas into the Initiative/Site.
  • Additional Info

    • Additional Info Editor: This options allow for additional administrator only questions to be configured that will be displayed under the 'additional info' tab on the View Idea 2.0 page.  
  • Team Workspace

    • Here, the administrator can enable the Team WorkSpace and associated functionality for the initiative. 


  • Manage

    • Allows the administrator to search for users and create new user accounts. 
  • Administrators

    • Allows the system administrators to configure Site Sponsors, Site Administrators, and Moderators.
  • Reputation

    • Administrators can configure user reputation points in this section. Click here to learn more.
  • Registration Invites

    • The administrator can send a personalized email and communication to select amount of users to promote registration of your Site. 
  • Groups

    • Here admins can add and remove users to groups that have access to the Site. 
  • Notify

    • Administrators can send a notification to all users with access to the Site.


  • Brightidea offers various reports available via export. Reports are organized by Ideas, Votes, Users, Login History, Search History, Categories, API, Trend Tracking, and Follower. Click here to learn more. 


  • Standard

    • Enterprise: This option includes this Site in your system’s Enterprise structure or excludes it if disabled.
    • Allow users to search other Pipelines: Enable this option to allow users searching in the Global Navigation to search all Pipelines in the system.
    • Restrict Global Navigation user search results to this Site's Access Group: When enabled users will not be able to search for ideas that are part of Sites they do not have access to.
    • Enterprise Profiles: Enables a system-wide Enterprise User Profile, which will be accessible across all Sites.
    • Exclude From Enterprise Lists: Excludes the Site from the overarching Enterprise system. This Site will not be visible or accessible from the Enterprise Home Page.
    • Enterprise Home in WS Navigation: Enables an Enterprise Home link in the Site navigation bar.


  • Allows the administrator to quickly access the Brightidea Support Portal.
  • Please utilize the Support Tab to find articles, guides and submit any tickets to further assist you.


  • In the Mail tab, administrators can allow users to post submissions and comments via email.

Image Library

  • In the Image Library, the administrator can upload images, documents, or media files for use for the Initiative/Site system.


  • In this tab, Single-Sign-On can be configured for the Initiative/Site. Click here to learn more and read our complete SAML SSO documentation.
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